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Hair Day!


Friday – Cassidy | Cassidy (back view) | Cassidy 2 | Cassidy 2 (back view) (Happy Blond)


Exile – Sadie | Carly | Mercy (has texture-changing head band) | Shirelle (Hazelnut)

Tiny Bird

Tiny Bird – Milk Thistle | Milk Thistle (back view) | Two Weeks (Honey Blonde)

Check out these delicious new hairstyles from Friday, Exile, and Tiny Bird. This week’s new hairstyles are pretty exciting. There’s wavy, straight, updos, braids, short, and long hairstyles. The designers have done it all! It’s really hard to pick a favorite style and also a favorite hair color. I have super hair color ADD — I love Brown & Blonde, and I dabble in wearing light shades of Red sometimes too.

Buy them all, or buy a color you don’t normally wear and make it exciting 🙂

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  1. Mohini Denja

    *sighs wistfully* I’m pretty sure reading your blog is the one of the major blog reading highlights of my day. 🙂 Your reviews are rather helpful to a fashionista in training. ^_~
    But I must ask, where did you get that adorable shirt from? I’ve been looking for a cute low cut for -ages-!

  2. Patricia

    Hi, you talk about different skins, and in your shape, all the skins look beautiful. Please leave a comment about ur shape, because im bought 2 shapes in ur shop, and look different…the reason? its the shape…. i bought skins( curio,juicy, etc,,,and try the po de arroz skins in the shapes that i bought in ur shop,,, look very very very different,,,, im tired to buy skins and shape, and dont find the perfect shape like you wear… 😉 ty

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