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Happy Saturday, SL!

KIM kini

I love hunts just as much as the next free stuff whore, but the Zombie Popcorn hunt was really hard!!! I found a bag at LeeZu, nothing at Surf Co, nothing at KIM, and that’s when I decided that I shouldn’t torture myself at the next 80+ shops, so I bought myself a bikini at KIM and went home happy.

Sorry Zombie Popcorn hunt, I so wanted to do you but my patience ran out.

KIM kini

But I did stumble upon KIM (a new-to-me brand) and that made the whole experience worth it. I love you tiny bikinis!!! <3

Visit KIM!

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  1. Reader

    The surf co prize is somewhere in the back of the store :] look up high

  2. Liess Paine

    Oh i love KIM! I found her through Blazin a couple of weeks ago, and i totally love her stuffs!
    Only downside is that she is not using all layers with some of her stuff

  3. JenniferD

    Stunning and just enough skin showing to tantalize our imagination.
    The skin ur wearing compliments blonde. So well, and we all know how hard it is to pull off a classy blonde hair color in both SL and RL.

    Gogo, ur look is an inspiration to us all.

  4. Darla

    Too tacky bikini for me but KIM is great indeed! ah, i just love that hair

  5. Leilani

    I like the stomach of that skin πŸ™‚

    …and nice booty cleavage teehee.

  6. Violet

    Decoy had shoes to match.

  7. Annie Paster

    Where those sunglasses from there cute!

  8. GaiaRae Veliz

    very awesome awesome find here ^^
    could i ask where that hair is from?

  9. Gogo

    Hair – Truth πŸ™‚

  10. Gogo

    Sunglasses – Hays Uriza

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