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Juicy Victorian Ankle Boots

Juicy Victorian Boots

We’re baaaaack! Juicy Shoes is pleased to announce the new Juicy Victorian boots in 11 Juicy colors.

Juicy Victorian Boots

The Everything Pack includes all 11 colors and we also have two smaller color packs: the Berry Pack and Candy Pack.

Juicy Victorian Boots

Juicy Victorian Boots
The new Juicy Victorian Boots also includes an alpha version for everyone using the SL 2.0 client. Say goodbye to invisiprims! 🙂

Visit Juicy Shoes and try a free demo!

Juicy Victorian Boots

Close-up of the Juicy Victorian Ankle Boots in Marshmallow.

Juicy Victorian Boots

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  1. Lil

    *gg* You might want to hit Flickr to bring “baaaaack” your first pic in this post.

  2. Lashy

    I loves them!

  3. MiMi

    Whats the outfit in the last picture, gogo?

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