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Leezu, Belleza


I’m a big LeeZu fangirl because her textures are so vibrant and the designs are original. I knew I wanted this gorgeous Mailin Blouse when the new release notice landed in my inventory. I love that LeeZu does has very ‘girlie’ designs, but she also tries go further by using sculpt pieces to enhance the clothing item. The ruffles are awesome, and I’m in awe of the sculpted ruffles attachment that gives it a 3-D look when you cam all around in-world. This kind of attention to detail is what sets LeeZu apart from many designers.


I’m wearing the LeeZu Mailin Blouse with some LeeZu BritPants, which are available in similar matching colors, so they’re so easy to mix-and-match or coordinate.


Check it out! I’m wearing the new Belleza Elle skin! I haven’t blogged any Belleza skins since December 2008, so I thought I would give this brand a try again.

I grabbed Elle demos a few days ago and I was not sold on the face immediately. When I was at the shop, I also noticed that when you purchase skins packs you don’t get ALL the brows options! Belleza packs are divided by Brows colors, so you get ALL the skin tones when you purchase a pack. So if I wanted both Blonde and Black brows, I would have to purchase two packs. I am a brows girl, I couldn’t care less about getting all the skin tones. I like how some designers gives you 2 similar skin tones (like Gala), but the darkest my avatar usually goes is Sunkissed. I don’t need Tan, Dark Tan, or any skin color that’s darker than that. The way the pack is divided at Belleza is somewhat useless to me.

To test drive this skin, I paid $250 to join the Belleza group to get the group gift skins. I don’t regret joining the group for the skins, cos $250 is a small price to pay but I totally hate giving up a valuable group spot! I know I’m being cheap when I say this, but I feel obligated to stay in the group now, cos I paid for it. I know that groups are for loyal customers, but I have too many land groups!! It’s not that I don’t want to BE in a group forever, it’s just impossible for me to be in ALL the skin groups. I’m already ‘stuck’ in a bunch of them!

Anyways… Belleza, awesome or not?

What I’m Wearing:

Belleza – Elle BR Fair Group Gift
Friday – Adriana (Happy Blond)
Donna Flora – PALMA Set
LeeZu – BritPants
LeeZu – Mailin Blouse
Nardcotix – Eva Slingback Shoes

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  1. Morgana

    Gogo luv, I think you look AWESOME in this skin..
    Very sweet and innocent, and I totally understand the group thing..
    I joined Belleza, Tuli , Atomic and Exodi.
    And all my groups are land groups but, ONE… (I always leave one free incase of djing on private land.. or.. whatever).

  2. Gogo

    Hi Morgana! 🙂

    Yep, I am stuck in a lot of those same groups. Here’s an idea – a shared group for all skin designers! I would pay a one-time $1000L fee if I could consolidate ’em and free up like 10 groups!

  3. Jade Glazner

    I joined Belleza for those skins last week and I do really like them, even though I only wear my own skins(I love plenty of others, but I like being able to have something completely custom-made, and I can only do that with my own, from the makeup to the tattoos and brow colors..etc). The skins I think are very well made, and I love the enhancements of them. The only thing I’ve never liked about Belleza skins are the lips. Something about the shading just isn’t what I like.. but otherwise I think they’re great skins.

    I don’t usually join pay groups because I have a lot of groups already too, also a lot of them from my previous stores in my earlier days on SL that I can’t just DELETE, I can only assign a new owner and leave the group, which I haven’t done. So like a lot of people, I’m also very limited on group space.

    What I would LOVE to see in the future(if it’s not already there and I’m just blind :P) is for the subscribe-o-matic kiosks to have a pay option. They’re great for free update groups but to have a paid VIP sub-o-matic group would be awesome.

  4. Bunny

    Looks great on you Gogo, but I am agreed with you on the way the skins are sold this time. Not to my tastes. =[

    VIP subscribo would be soooooo awesome. I am always capped on groups and have to sometimes choose one to make the cut. I refuse to leave the ones I pay for, especially if they give good gifties (atomic, tuli, exodi, and belleza).

    I recently left the 69 Hair group (300L fee) because they hadnt put out a notice since december. eff that!

  5. Davo Greenstein

    Belleza..awesome..Always a fan of “clean, crisp and smirk inducing”..I’d love to see a side by side comparison of ur av in a suite of skins. I know you tweak ur shapes to match up to skins like a master faceologist. I’m just interested in the many faces of Gogo even though female skins look crap on me so i only wear them on rare occassions. How many looks do you have ?

  6. Lourdes Denimore

    The new way Belleza and now Dutch Touch has divided the skins on eyebrows is total fail for those that wear dark and light hair depending on their mood.

    I the skin looks good on you Gogo, I haven’t tried it on myself. But I’m the same way about paid groups once I’m in I can’t leave cause I’m not paying again. Wish they could have paid subscribo skin groups to free up some space.

    • Gogo

      Agreed Lourdes, I think that when skin makers divide packs by brows colors, they’re not understanding how their customer base use skins. We change hair colors like we change clothes, but many of us rarely ever change skin tones — or need more than 2 similar tones.

  7. Violet

    Gogo, they have another group gift in store. I believe it’s called Alyson. I was going to blog it, but I am super lazy bad blogger. : P

    • Sylvan

      I use Belleza’s skins for my alt & out of the most recent one & Alyson I prefer Alyson.

  8. Irischka

    I make always a group fee for the time a group gift is showing up in the notices, cause i want my Groupmember that already are in the group to be happy and to get it free and i do not make it only for gift hunter.. sorry if it is hard now but i think Belleza is doing the same.
    But you are right about the fatpacks.

  9. Irischka

    Oh and why dont leave the group again cause you was paying the fee? i mean.. its a skin for 250L.. i look at it like i bought a skin for 250L .. not like i was paying a group fee 🙂
    I leave it again .. and if i see in a blog he had a skin out again and i like it , i join the group again and have a belleza skin for the price of a group fee 🙂

  10. Omen

    I feel the exact same way about the way skin designers have started dividing their skin packs by brow color.

    I really need to find a shop with good tattoo layer brows that I can buy without buying a whole new skin. Any suggestions besides LeLutka? Theirs don’t seem to look to great on my skin

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