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LG Pd’A – Ayil

LG Pd'A - Ayil

I think LG is a fairly new skin brand, and they’re already doing fantastic work. They have so much potential, although right now, they’re still rough around the edges. I think they have nailed some aspects of their skins and need to work on others, I’ll discuss those below. However, the *most* important feature on a skin is a lovable face, and to me, Ayil is a face that can be easily worn by many cos it has soft curvy lips and a smooth skin tone.

LG Pd'A - Ayil

LG Pd'A - Ayil

Each LG skin tone has 10 gorgeous makeups, light and dark brows, and blonde and black hair base option.

LG Pd'A - Ayil

I love the Dark brows, I think it’s very realistic looking and has a great shape. I’m a bit disappointed that the Light brows is completely different and looks like someone had an accident with a razor. I guess this is an artistic decision, but as someone who often favors lighter hair and brows, I feel a bit cheated by it.

Now onto something kinda ugly, which can be overlooked if you never take your clothes off, but still, you’ll know it’s there. I don’t like that the nipples and belly button has a slight reddish orange hue to it, and does not match the rest of the skin at all. This might be good uh… RP skin, if you know what I mean, but not something I would want to wear normally.

LG Pd'A - Ayil

I do like the feet on this skin, even though the toe nails are a bit large, it has a nice & realistic look. I’ve come to accept that regular SL feet will always be slightly ugly, but some skin designers manage to create pretty decent looking feet.

LG Pd'A - Ayil

This face is so pretty, I have a soft spot for base skin with little to no make-up.

If you’re curious about LG, these skins will be launching this weekend! Visit LG.

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  1. Irischka

    The Nipples and the Belly are from another skin that is laying under the texture. You can see it in the collarbone too. But i like the face also.. and the thing with eyebrows.. uuh.. its veeery difficult to make eyebrows :/ especially the light ones. You can even see which template was used for this skin.. they look all a bit similiar to me.. changing the nose helps a lot to get another look.

  2. Irischka

    I mean the Bellybutton ofcourse* not the whole belly 🙂

  3. Dawnde Lane

    has potential but it just looks dirty, not in a raunchy way but like,”hello do u have a bath tub”, will pass this skin, but will keep an eye for future skins from them.

  4. Louanna

    This is promising, but still, is not a skin I would wear. I agree with Dawnde, looks like it needs some retouch.

    PS: @Gogo: I *love* that you started to blog more about new skin designers, even if their products are not perfect (yet). 🙂

  5. Gyorgyna Larnia

    Hello, as partner of Lucifer in LG CONCEPT, I can say you that he never used a template base for this skin, he drawn all, nipple included…all these choices are from his taste, nipples, eyebrows, and makeups…if u’re sure of what u’re saying (I mean “The Nipples and the Belly are from another skin that is laying under the texture”, can u tell here which skin is under our?? if u can please tell us, instead, just don’t insinuate false things). Told this, I’m really proud of Lucifer’s work!

  6. Jess Branner

    I really enjoy the way this skin fits on my shape. I think it’s well done. I personally adore these light brows and hair base. And I also appreciate the tiny nipples and belly botton, I find them very elegant and discreets. These artistic features and new choices give the uniqueness of this skin in SL. I hope for a freckles version soon 😉

  7. brendonPapp

    I’m sorry but that skin is just… not good. I saw it on my friend earlier. The shading on some of the body is weird and also the face does look a little weird. Thought I think this brand has potential.

  8. Irischka


    calm down .. i dint say its ripped of.. perhaps it is a previous skin of the creator him/herself.. so no need to break down for him/her… and the face really looks like the Evana PSD i saw on xstreet long time ago.If he/she really was drawing the whole thing him/herself.. why he/she makes this mistakes with the bellybutton looking if he gets too much saturation in PS.?. For me, i like the Hip Bones and that the belly is not that perfectly shaded is not a problem i think.. it looks more relistic for me, i dont like this over perfect skins.. who in rl is so damn perfect like some skins here are?

  9. Bella

    The bellybutton and nipples are way too tiny for my taste. Whats with the tiny pornstar nipples on skins anyways. I like the dark eyebrows though 🙂

  10. gyorgyna larnia

    he made the belly and nipples that way because it’s his taste, it’s not an error I think…and maybe cause he’s a ginger haired…so just taste..and yes, he made all by himself, no other skin bases, and no old ones…this is his first skin

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