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Lourdes, you’re so sexy


LeeZu – Lourdes Sculpted Top (side view)

LeeZu has just released the fully sculpted Lourdes top. I’m fascinated with fully sculpted clothing, cos the shape is so nice but they don’t always fit well. LeeZu has included nine different sizes in the package (3 Small, 3 Medium, 3 Large) to fit a variety of shapes and the top is modifiable so you can re-size to fit.

I modded my boobs to a smaller size to wear this top in Small, cos I didn’t want to re-size the whole top.


LeeZu – Lourdes Sculpted Top (front view)


LeeZu – Lourdes Sculpted Top (back view)

Visit LeeZu! There’s tons of color choices available.

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  1. Lourdes Denimore

    Cute top, I feel obligated to buy it cause it has my name. LOL

  2. JeanGenie Jewell

    omg i want it…

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