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Nayar Katey-Kini


A friend of mine observed that most bloggers (myself included) typically just say they love love love something, and it does get boring! I told her that I usually DO love an item, and I just leave the bad stuff out if it’s something that can be easily overlooked.


For example, I love the print on this Nayar Katey-Kini. I also think this added sculpted bow on the back is a cute touch. But I’ve also noticed that this creator is newer, and therefore not experienced with making perfect seams (yet). Can it be overlooked? Maybe. I know that most people claim they “don’t really look there”, but I noticed. I won’t say something is PERFECT if it’s not, I just won’t mention the ‘bad’ things. Yep, I’m totally guilty of omission.


bikini top seam


bikini bottom seam

I can’t say the reason why some bloggers won’t mention flaws but here are MY reasons:

1. I didn’t notice it

2. I don’t think it’s a “problem”

3. I don’t think you’ll care

4. The creator is my FRIEND 😛 (*gasp* a biased blogger?)

Clarification on #3: YES some people do NOT care about seams at all. I’ve encountered this a lot with skins. I have pointed out seams in the past and people have made numerous reasons why this is acceptable. Like — Oh Gogo! I don’t are about seams cos…

1. I don’t get naked

2. It’s barely noticeable (to them, not to me)

3. No skin is perfect!

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  1. Kalli

    I have noticed this myself and I guess a lot of things I don’t care about. But one instance that comes to mind is Fri.days Comfy Cardi a while ago. No body mentioned on blogs that the scuplts had to have the textures edited to look good because the way they came when bought looked really bad. I actually had thrown mine to the trash before I realised that the scuplts texture was mod (I know, if I had a brain I’d be dangerous). So all the blogs I saw had done this but not one mentioned that it had to be done. I guess I would have just liked to see it mentioned somewhere, a full review. The bad and the good.

  2. Casandra Shilova

    Thank you for addressing this. I’ve tried designing clothing in SL, I know it is difficult to line up seams. I do look and I do care. I do most of my shopping by looking at blogs. When something catches my eye, I go to that shop searching for that item. If I am not in a hurry, I look around the the shop while I’m there.

    Many times I have spent lindens on something featured in a blog, and thrown it away immediately upon trying it on for the first time. When the edges of fabric/trim doesn’t match, it gets tossed in the trash and I am one disappointed customer. I’m on a budget in SL. If it costs enough I’m not just disappointed, I’m annoyed with both the blogger for featuring it without at least a light caution, and the designer for not being more careful. On the other hand if the printed pattern on the fabric doesn’t match on a side seam, that is realistic. Most of the time patterns don’t match on the side seams in RL.

    I am super picky on skins.

  3. Adia Clary

    I always get pissed off at Paper Couture because they always have seams. But usually I just dust it off and not care because the designs are fun and i always get a kick out of them.

    I typically expect new designers to have seams, but seasoned pros have no excuses.

    • Lizzie Lexington

      I love paper couture and primary tableau content creators – Nylon, Toast and Polyester. I notice a lot of seams on Nylon’s products and have had some issues with PC as well. But my theory with them is this: They are more conceptual designers and look at the end result as a whole vs the individual parts. And because of this philosophy I remain a fan of their work. But I am right there with ya.

  4. Nedeko

    i guess to say ‘i dont care about seams (reasons why ever)’ is so long okay, so long its not jumping into your eyes! they become to care if you feeling really bothering about them or you feel cheated of your money (!!).

    if a person is friended with the creator – i would prefer to write a personal nc with suggestions of improvement, and than to have a look how much trouble are the seams. ‘could i blog this stuff with a true heart or would i cheating on my readers’. each single blogger has a responsibility of the content which is shown in the blog – IMO.

    for my view, it always feels a bit careless – especially (!) if the creator is a person which is not new in the business / product isnt one of the first releases.

    (btw it reminds me on the one skin review entry.. i tested it myself, i dont have seams from photoshop c4 or lower. somebody wrote about it that cs4 create seams. i dont believe anymore in this story. its not true.)

  5. Delila

    I don’t mind on shirt seams if they aren’t noticeable, because even in RL, patterned shirts do not match at the seams!

    But pants ones – like the one above – do bother me. You arms aren’t covering them, and the one pictured here seems a fairly major mismatch. I have enough bikinis in world that I would have to seriously love something to ignore a seam mismatch I can see without even looking closely.

  6. Whisper Stella

    Yes I too have to look at seems. I am guilty of tossing many dresses or item out becuase it doesnt pass the seems.. I do understand its hard as hell to get it jsut right.. but at least designers.. need to show an effort that they did. I do appriciate it and will come back for more if the textures are placed well and those tiny lil attention to details is what is going to define you as first class.. ALthough I almost feel badly you pointed it out on the cute lil bikini.. Maybe you will be the one who gives them the boost to becoming a great designer for SL… I hope they are not insulted but inspired.. The lil kini is adorable and shows an eye for patterns and colors and style..
    I have stopped going to a certain shop that will remain nameless its been years since I stopped buying every outfit every week.. all because the stripes didnt line up to there normal standards and I pointed it out to them hoping they would fix it .. they treated me like I was * ok well never mind the details* Let’s just say They never have gotten my lindens again and all because of seems.. and they make fantastic items… Thank you for pointing this out.. its a topic all designers should pay attention too becuase people like me… Lov e variety and the better someone becomes at there details the more stuff I get to buy…

  7. S.Starsmith

    Hi Gogo
    I am picky about seams and collars on t shirts for instance. If it´s a “designer” making a T worse than I myself (with no experience and never would call me a designer would do) then I get upset. But your post points out likes and dislikes – the bow is pretty and the pattern yes – but the unsharp pattern and the seams not “holding hands” is something you just need to point out.
    Thank you for this post Gogo 🙂 and keep up your good work. I love your posts and the pictures.
    I just can´t believe someone went running to the “teacher” cause of this post.
    pff people grow up (hard words from a kid ava I know LOL)
    hugs to Gogo

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