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Oh Sabrina

AtomicBambi - Sabrina

New AtomicBambi Sabrina skin blows me away!! The face is beautiful and the skin tone just has a warm healthy glow. AtomicSparkle Skytower is definitely a skin maker to watch! I think she does get better with every new release, and it’s pretty exciting to watch.

Each Sabrina skin tone comes with 10 makeups, 3 brows, cleavage, and freckles option.

AtomicBambi - Sabrina

AtomicBambi - Sabrina

I am wearing the AtomicBambi Sabrina skins in Sunblush tone.

AtomicBambi - Sabrina

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  1. Lark Diabolito

    Very pretty. Can you tell me what hair gogo is wearing in the pics?

    • Gogo

      Truth – Maxine (Chestnut)

  2. Dawnde Lane

    so i brought this skin. love the face but i need surgery on my leg now, i have the worst blue veins ever, above the knee and on the back of the legs

    anyone else have this issue?

  3. Grace Bashly

    The skins are wonderful! I love FLUSH!! <3 Looking forward to Le Cirque this weekend!

  4. Ayami Imako

    I really like the abs on this skin, they are very subtle but still muscular. More and more thats something I look for in skins is body definition .. theres tons of pretty faces out there but bodies are surprisingly uncommon when it comes to my taste.

    Tried the demos and like how it fits my shape too, and will probably be picking up the darkest makeup (top row, second from the left). I like the dark eye pale lip one but it has the same problem alot of skins for me do, the lips are to pink. I love skins with pale lips but I prefer a more neutral tone and unfortunately it seems the way skin designers are going now are pinker hues and they just don’t work on me, being a bit gothy in my dress style.

  5. mitzy burns

    Oh woe is me! I always wait with baited breath for Gogo’s new skin releases and up until recently have always been pleasantly surprised even if I didn’t purchase.

    But… I am at a loss at the moment.

    Ka Skins – Since the release of the first Bardot skin “Sally” which was superb and I still wear at times, the rest of the releases have really been lacking in the eye area. Something not right with the eyes especially when the make-up is light. The white dot (signature mark?) just does not work on all styles and the eye cut outs are getting cruder by the release….apologies from a big fan…

    Laqroki…Adore Laq skins but they are all soooo twee and they all look the same now… Just a rehash and seem to be getting simpler by the release..When you have released as many skins as Laq you cannot keep using the same templates without getting boring…

    Tuli ….Eva is probably the closest to perfection but even the designer re-issued V2 after a few days due to compalints of shinyness..V2 not much better inworld.

    Gogo’s favourite Lelutka… Great skins but you cant get the right makeup with the right skin tone. Each one is different Aaarrg!

    My favourite skin at the moment is Gwen at Dutch Touch but even that one has a wonderful ‘duck mouth’ pout which needs loads of tweaking to get right! (the same goes for all Dutch Touch designs) Cute, grumpy or just plain odd….

    Having been in Sl for four years now I can tell you that the skins available by our top designers are fab, at least compared to how skins used to be and I feel a bit mean bringing all these points up. But, I seem to be spending a lot of money and not getting it right. Why are designers sticking to the same old thing even if it doesn’t work…

    I understand that they all need their ‘signature look’ but more often than not their older work seems to stand out far more, even if less sophisitcated, than their new.

    Too much worrying about the brand methinks. Yes there are new kids on the block coming up, but it takes years to get to where these girls are. I am in awe of their work and commitment to the cause, I just wish they would stand back and maybe take a risk or two..

    Pleased to get that off my chest. Have a great weekend all!

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