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OMG it’s LOLA!!!


I’ve been asking Minnu for months when “new skins” would be released, and I’m sure I’ve been driving her a bit crazy with it but FINALLY, Lola is completed!! Inside this giant LeLutka makeup compact is Lola, and she’s gorgeous! I love the name, it’s so sexy sounding. Lolaaaa…. Lola Lola!

Here’s a sneak peek of the face. Yes it has layers 2.0 makeups, yes I’m uber excited. I’ll show you guys the rest when soon! You will probably see Lola on other peoples blogs & Flickr if you look around. I love this new face, but can I give up Ife?


LeLutka – Lola (Light tone)

I forgot to mention that I’m also wearing the lipstick 2.o tattoo layer here. LOVE IT! Red lipstick all the tiiiiiiiiiiime.

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  1. Anond.

    When will this skin be released?

  2. Miefmupfel Willis

    Stunning…. The pefect skin for you, Gogo….

  3. Lashy

    Wow, hey you look really hot in this. What exactly is different here from Ife again? Seriously, girl, you rock the blonde. Stick to it, no one pulls it off as well as you do. Especially with Minnu. It’s PWN-ilicious. πŸ˜›

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