It’s time to say Good Bye,
at least for an unknown period of time.

Every story, long or short, has an end. The story of PACADI Jasha is now going towards its end, at least we do a bigger break. After exactly 12 month and 1 day the virtual brand PACADI Jasha will close it doors, unfortunately. We decided to do this step after a long conference with all the designers, marketing officers and public relation manager. We, Lotta, Frederic, Julia and Clair were told not to close, but unfortunately we have to tell you that we four are just too busy with our Real Life studies to provide you with more high fashion apparel or high rendered jewelry in the next time. We are sorry for this – and believe us, its even harder for us. We spent 12 months with each other, we had great times, we had downs, we had fun, we were enjoying our being, we had accidents (oh yes…, 2 of our designers crashed down the stairs on the same day in two different parts of the world). But mainly we had fun, fun with YOU! Let us tell you one thing, sometimes a story has a continuation or an open end… you will hear from us again, one day…

We planned a uber bombastic mega sale on all our products! Clothes, Accessoires, Jewelry, Hair and Shoes! everything will be between 20-100L$. The KREATURA Collection will be set at 130L$ (from 300). Believe us you will find what you every wanted at a really cheap price for one of the best quality in SecondLife!

Tees: 55L$
tops: 65L$
Jewelry: 45-55L$
Hair: 50L$
Poses: 85L$
Pants: 45L$
Jeans: 65L$


What are the Designers of Pacadi Jasha offering after the Closing?

– Actually we four designers will step out of the limelight for an unknown period of time with the bombastic Miracle Fashion Show on Saturday 17th at 12pm on our sim.

BUT! Frederic Harsley will offer custom Building (houses and interiors and textures) for 2K-3K/hour. The most realistic Buildings in Secondlife, even better than the once on the sim now. Also he will offer photography if asked for.

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