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Pacadi, Slink, yum yum yum


PACADI – Riffle Dress | Naala Dress | Aditi BodySuit | Nadei Yada

Fantastic new release at PACADI! This new collection is adorable, daring, and very fun to wear.

I’m pairing every dress with newly released SLink Quinn Kneehigh Boots, which includes a HUD  which has the usual SLink options, as well as the newly added open/closed toe option.


Soooo sexy, check out those slits!



SLink – Quinn Kneehigh Boots (all 10 colors)

Visit SLink

P.S., there is a pair of Quinn Kneehigh Boots for 50L Friday. H U R R Y!

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  1. Lil

    I bought the 50L version to try them and just tested them with the alpha layer option. Afraid they look absolutely weird in animated poses, I guess because the whole boot is one piece and moves and rotates with the foot… think Picasso at his best.

    I’m just trying to attach them to the lower leg attachment points and hope that’ll help.

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