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Pick a new skin for Davo!

I’ve known Davo for 3 years now and he has worn the ever so popular Naughty Designs “Dante” skins THE ENTIRE TIME. It looks fabulous on him, and is my favorite male skin of all time.

Although I know a lot about female skins in SL, I am completely clueless when it comes to male skins! I haven’t been able to recommend ANYTHING comparable to ND Dante because I never liked the ones I demo’d. They all looks so old (ew chest hair! ew dark shadows!) and just not as boyishly cute as Dante. Dear Lost Thereian, where are you???? Please come back and make Dante II!

Ok anyways. Since I’m clueless, I asked my friend Lashy to help me research all the “hot” male skins around the grid. She’s the perfect person for this job — cos 1. she’s thorough 2. she has known Davo for even longer than I have (5 years and 8 months!) and 3. she’s willing <3

So I sent her Davo’s shape and she went around the grind to find skins that are hot on his shape so we can recommend it to Davo, and this is what she came up with:

So, this is where I need all of you guys to help me pick out YOUR favorites! I have narrowed it down to two, but they are a secret πŸ™‚ The brand names have been removed until after the poll. Help Davo find Davo 2.0! Thanks guys!!

[poll id=”23″]

/ EDIT / I’ve just realized that all the demos have brand names labeled! Oops! Please IGNORE the brand name and just pick your favorite.

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  1. Iwannabe Adored

    I voted skin #3 but he should rethink his eyebrows maybe, they’re a bit too thin imho (or I can’t see well from the picture), these skins would look better on him if he had thicker, more arched brows.


    Skin #4

    I think skin #5 has the highest vote because its how every G D male on the grid looks, dark and greasy looking with spiked hair and facial piercings. BARF!

    Lost thereian is now Khai Sinister and makes skins at “The Abyss” May find one there he likes, they are good ones for the typical male avatar.

    • Gogo

      LOL hi Poop Cheese (your fake name is disturbing…)

      Yep I know that Lost => Khai, but I have hated all but one male Abyss skins that I’ve seen. There were a few Abyss skins that were demo’d but not shown above.

  3. Lashy

    I like skin 5 but I do think the tone is too dark and recommend going up one more shade, cuz I did think this tan was waaay too dark.

    • Gogo

      I agree, I like #5 cos I sent you to check out that brand (but in a lighter tone!) I don’t think Davo is that dark.

  4. Bunny

    I think the face on #5 looks great on his shape… i dont think it looks greasy at all, lol. i agree on going up a tone or two. one thing i dont like about lavie skins is the tummy area, i think it looks kinda gross. 😑 so make sure to check that (or have him check it) before deciding.

  5. Valletta GossipGirl

    Have you tried Mirror Image?

  6. Lizzie Lexington

    At first I said two now I say FIVE LOL

  7. Brez

    i say number 4, but must say his eyes are freakishly far apart, bit like a bug, and his upper nose bridge would benefit from being raised – i am a shape girl even more than skins, think it makes or breaks the avatar

  8. Ceri Debbel

    I’d recommend no 5 that seems too be the one that suits his shape the most. I agree with the lighter tone though for him maybe πŸ™‚

  9. Shiori Carter

    I think you need to put on hair and use some lighter skin tones. Personally i need to see it with hair to make a decision, and in all the skin tones, I am super picky πŸ™‚
    Plus I need to inspect every inch, soooooooo πŸ™‚

    Also i don’t believe in wearing the same skin every day, whats the fun in that, so buy all 5 πŸ™‚

    I am not sure if you tried these, but for a more boyish look, he could try some AtomicBambi demos, i would follow him around in a certain one of those πŸ™‚

  10. Lara Aridian

    Definitely #5. YUM!

  11. Natali

    Skins are so personal. Esp if you`re a one skin a decade kinda person..which it sounds like he maybe is. I really like Belleza males skins but don`t care for No2 here at all. So which would I want on my pixel arm? Hands down 5. Although I could do a 1. Which should Davo choose?…well only Davo can do that I think. They`re all really different ‘looks’. But I`m gonna vote No 1. with a slight nose job.
    Nat (who used to have a whole profile pick devoted to Ricky the model bot at Belleza cause he wore his skin so well!)

  12. Irischka

    i votet for none cause they all looks same.. I like most Dave Gears from Abyss !! Check them out.. no dark chest hair, looks boyishly like you want it πŸ™‚

  13. Verona

    Mmmm… Ricky…i remeber him too o/

  14. Sally

    I think 3 or 4, but I’m not fond of the colors. I think most males and most male skins are having that damn dark or like powdery tan shine look. The same with the shading – always kind of shiny. I don’t mind people looking like this in real but that’s not the point.
    We want a nice rather pale male skin because he’s pale in real and he LIKES it. All these skins above makes me think of a typical SL male, the gangster, the one with long hair, the horny noob or whomever but it doesn’t feel like we can make them personal.

    I’d say skin number 3 – but with the 4th’s color :}

  15. Akira

    I voted for non of the above because all the guys looked so old to me. Yes, with great hair, any could be a kind of over 30 DiCaprio handsome, but you did say “young and boyish”. Well… for young and boyish cute, I’ve always gone after the oriental guys πŸ˜€ So, my favorite is “Den-Dou” by denchu Dench, but “Lantern evolution” by lantern Oyen has just released a new line and the pictures on the walls are boyish cute for sure.

  16. Davo

    oh what a nice lil survey we have here.
    Last time this happened i got CMFF Photoskin ultra: Hairy Tan as that was the popular choice and now i here the word “RAPIST” screamed at me if i put it on.

    I once had a cool android skin but seem to have lost it together with my Death Wings.

    And the far apart eye thing is so when u stand right infront of me i cant see u..thats why i am always looking off to the side at other people..honest.

    And hair?..Hair..ok i call it a wig cause Davo is like a Lex Luther kinda guy.. wig city.

    Vote away peeps it’s very interesting just please please no male model types.

    And I appreciate this effort to move me into 2010.. but aren’t there more serious questions about me ?

    Get a new AO
    Stop wearing a tiny girl on ur shoulder
    And Davo baggy pants..really?

    Thanks again guys..a pleasant surprise..i don’t usually read this blog..just look at the pictures.

    • Gogo

      You’re awesome just the way you are πŸ™‚

      This is just for fun!

  17. Davo

    P.S. some pics of me to help you gauge my style or lack thereof

  18. Lil

    No idea if they have slipped in the pre-selection process, but did you try Den Dou, AtomicBambi or Signature Skins?
    Or even Gogo’s female fav, LeLutka?

    None of the pics shown above make me go “wow”. But on the other hand, I can only speak for myself, don’t know your style or preferences.

  19. Dawnde Lane

    no 5 in no 1 skin tone for sure, lips are purty and kissable…

    ohh and the ao thing needs to be fixed! make that next !

  20. delilas

    I would like number 5 if the skin tone were lighter – it seems kind of dirty as is, which may be good if he’s the atypical RPer in CD and Midian where everyone is a gang member and doesn’t shower ANYWAY (that’s tongue in cheek, ladies, I RP myself so simmer down), but I don’t really find that look all that attractive. 3 for sure!

  21. Lashy

    Hi all, I know I didn’t grab demo’s from all the awesome male skin brands out there and stuck to a handful that are more on the masculine side. The thing is, those other brands (Dendou, Lelutka, Abyss) are not Davo. LOL Just like what he said above, he hates anything that gives off the immaculate, androgynous, beautiful model look. Although the other skin suggestions are spot on “hot”, I didn’t think they were a good match for the person who actually uses this avatar.

    And I don’t like really tanned skins myself, so I was annoyed as I demo’d these. SOMEONE (stares) told me to get TAN. πŸ˜›

    I like Abyss personally. And I’m such a shameless Khai/Lost fan. But seriously, I love guys who can pull off eyeliner. They prolly won’t make out with me, but who cares, they’re so yummy eye candy. πŸ˜›

    And I didn’t think Davo ever looked boyishly cute in Dante. I was just happy he looked human. HE HAD DEFAULT NEWB SKIN before that until … 2006? And yes the moley skin too. *shudders* omg I hope he deleted that one. o.O

  22. Ziki Questi

    Wow, it was just extraordinary to see this post, because I have a male friend who wears Dante, and every now and then he looks and looks but can’t find anything he says looks better … and that’s a really, really old skin! But of these, I can’t say I like any of them. Maybe it’s the shape, but the eyes and eyebrows all look way too far drawn out to the sides, and unnatural (#2 being the worst for me). (Although #5 does remind me of a cute guy I know in rl hehe.)

  23. leilani

    I agree with what other ppl said: try the skins in a lighter shade. I think the details will show up better πŸ™‚

    #5 pops out to me first and might be best in a lighter tone
    Belleza is what my SL Hubby wears along with his Abyss skin

    Whatever happened to FNKY male skins? They never updated or made new ones? (My hubby bought one a couple yrs ago and I don’t think I’ve seen them do newer ones)

  24. Lashy

    Oh yeah, FNKY was a nice one too. There really a lot and I do wish I got lighter tones to do the skin and shape more justice. Seriously, I helped tweaked Davo’s shape, so the critiques on the eyes make me go arggh but but wahhh. j/k πŸ˜›

    My rule of thumb of the eyes, the distance in between them is typically the width of one of the eyes. Anything closer, it’s makes the eyes look narrow. I know some people are born like that. But eh.

    But now I’m interested in snooping around for moar man skeeenz. And I know someone who would prolly indulge me and model them for me … That’s it, I’m going to have someone model skins for me tonight. Preferrably barechested and all.

    It’s all for research of course. O.o It’s for science and I’m an arteeest. Yeah go with that. LOL OK I shut up now. πŸ˜›

  25. aubrey monday

    I Like #5 =))

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