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Po De Arroz NICO Skins

I have spoken to Guy Seiling about all my concerns from my last post, and she will be updating the body to use sources different from past Minnu skins. Also, Maeve was Guy’s brand so this explains the similarities. I’m completely happy with those answers, I never wanted to “out” Guy or to “tarnish a new brand” as some of you guys have accused me of, sooo… there you go!

Po De Arroz

As promised, here is my review of Po De Arroz NICO skins.

Currently there are 3 skin tones, and each skin tone comes with 13 makeups. There are no other options with the skins, but I’m hoping that cleavage add-ons will be offered in the future.

Here are 8 of the 13 makeups, in Agreste skin tone.

Po De Arroz

Po De Arroz

For people who are curious, Po De Arroz means “Powder” in Portuguese!

Visit Po De Arroz

What I’m Wearing:

Po De Arroz – NICOskin/Agreste
Maitreya – Jaiden (Cacao)
Hucci – Le Grand Sommet (Summer Day)

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  1. Marianne Little

    Well she should have told you that she was the creator behind Maeve when you first asked her. I am impressed by the faces and makeups here, but if the skins cost as much as skins with cleavage built in and hairbases, I prefer to have those optons.

  2. Iris

    it is ofcourse the same style and i understand surely why you thought about Minnu.. it was my first thought too. Even the Hair in this shop is similiar to them, even if it has another texture.

  3. Irischka

    i felt in love with your blog and will now make a fair skin only so i can offer a review copy for you and ´ll hope you like it lol!

  4. AK

    Wow, the demos for these skins are so heavily watermarked that I can’t tell what they look like on me.

  5. Iwannabe Adored

    So she DID admit to be a thief? And you still blog this???????? Whoa what a nerve.
    And yes btw the watermark is unbelievable.

    • Gogo

      I bring attention to things that should be known. It’s up to people to decide whether to buy it or not, because they are for sale.

      I think readers appreciate all the facts.

    • rebeca dembo

      is not thief, is a source
      HELLO! wake up!… we all use RL sources DUH!

  6. Camryn Fouroux

    Wow, yes the demos are impossible! I can’t see the face.

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