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POSEUR @ Pose Fair

POSEUR is a collaboration between myself and some friends and we have some awesome new stuff at Pose Fair!

POSEUR - Gaga Rockstar // POSE FAIR

POSEUR – Gaga Fashion pack (includes some bonus poses not shown)

POSEUR - Gaga Rockstar // POSE FAIR

POSEUR – Gaga Rockstar

POSEUR - Lush Kitten

POSEUR – Lush Kitten

These poses are so adorable and they’re perfect fashion photography.

Also… there couples poses!

Poseur - Hot Grasp

Poseur - Find Solace

Poseur - Sweet Taste

Poseur - Push It

Poseur - Tell Me

Poseur - Little Nibbles

Poseur - Sleepy Spoon

My friend Lash Xevious made these 7 poses available ONLY at Pose Fair 2010 right now.

Visit POSEUR! Click here for a ride to the fair.

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  1. Lashy

    That guy in the pic is so hot. It’s bloody disgusting. Well not really. I do enjoy looking at him. What. I’m allowed to look. >.>

  2. Lila

    Awesome! I’m sorry but I HAVE to know what the white blouse in the first pic is, I’m in luv.

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