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Sayuri welcomes you into this post

Tuli - Sayuri

Hey guys! Tuli has just released the Sayuri skins in two skin tones, and they are gorgeousssssss!

Each skin includes cleavage/no cleavage and freckles with cleavage/no cleavage. There are 10 yummy makeups and some are geisha inspired.

Tuli - Sayuri

I resisted the urge to put Sayuri in a Kimono, simply because it’s so typical!!! I mean, who hasn’t seen or read Memoirs of a Geisha? I loved it too, but I felt like Sayuri could also be a modern girl as well.

So here you go… I’m wearing a Hucci Rufflekini! Like a bikini, but with more ruffles.

Tuli - Sayuri

Oh yeah, and it’s another excuse for me to show you my bum! 🙂

Tuli - Sayuri

Here’s a close-up of the Sayuri face. I think this is stunning, and flawless. Tuli Update Group members were treated to a special Sayuri makeup this weekend, so pay the $250L fee and join if you want it! (not shown above)

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  1. Lizzie Lexington

    I love this new skin. I just need to figure out how to Lizziefie it!

  2. Liess Paine

    Oh love that first pic!

  3. Argent GossipGirl

    This is the best shape I’ve seen this skin on. Oh my wow!

  4. Autumn

    Tuli’s skins keep getting better and better. This isn’t a skin I would personally wear, but it’s beautiful just the same. The lips are just gorgeous.

  5. Ayami Imako

    This skin makes me so sad. I’m Japanese and so is my avatar. Its very hard to find pretty asian skins in SL … and this skin is beautiful .. with a but … IT HAS BROWN EYEBROWS!? whhhy?? Yes I know some of us have brownish black hair, and many dye theirs .. but mines jet black, everyone in my family has jet black hair, and my avatar is a idealized version of myself, so usually has jet black hair too … why oh why couldn’t we get black brows? It gives me sad panda face.

  6. Lil

    Those eyes are stunning! So is the skin, haven’t tried it yet on my own, but love the pics… and Tuli is usually pretty generous with the eyebrow colors, did that change with this skinline?

    Anyway, where can I get those eyes? I’m a sucker for lovely greens.

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