KA Designs – Iman

KA Designs - Iman

A few days ago I posted a teaser image of Iman, the skins have just been released this weekend at KA Designs! The skin tones are available in darker shades, starting with Tan, so I’m wearing Tan (I normally don’t go darker than this) and pairing it with sultry dark eyes and hair.

Iman has 10 makeups per tone, hair base, and 3 brow options:

KA Designs - Iman

KA Designs - Iman

Since this is a “dark” skin, it doesn’t make sense to have light brows, so the 3 brows offered are also dark but they’re different styles:

KA Designs - Iman

KA Designs – Iman – Brows 01 | 02 | 03

My favorite is 01, cos I think the shape & texture is perfect but some people might prefer to wear thicker and darker brows.

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  1. This skin looks gorgeous (sp?) can’t wait to get in sl to demo it. Gogo sometimes I reallI wish you would show skins in darker shades for us who wear them. Not neccesarily the whole makeup pack just one or two. For the skins you do receive free samples of pleeeeeaaaase show em in the darker colors. Just a request.

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