Bare naked TRUTH!

Truth Hair

Truth – Tia 2 | Paige | Isadora | Jana (cocoa)

So I promised myself (sometime last year) that I would never do truth puns in my title ever again but JUST FOR TODAY, this post is the bare naked Truth (hair)!!

Every week, other bloggers blog new Truth hair releases before me, but erm, everyone does it differently, right? I have not seen someone blog hair naked before, so I am blogging Truth hair naked.

Truth Hair Truth Hair

I’m wearing the new Bella di Notte Sydney skins again. I blogged this skin with Blonde hair a few days ago, but it pairs beautifully with Brunette hair too.

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  1. I think most fashion bloggers write about Truth’s stuff – it´s simply one of the best hair brands in SL to me. And for me it doesn’t matter if the whole world blogs it, everyone has a different approach to the topic and a different audience. I’m quite sure you have a bigger influence on how we percieve fashion in SL as most of the other blogs I know so far. So I think it doesn´t really matter who blogs it first or second or which title we give the post or whatsoever. For me it’s just fun to compete with some friends who has the hair first and posts pictures or even a blog post – but it doesn’t count. What counts is constancy and quality – and to my opinion, we all can just learn from you. That’s it….

  2. I would love to see different hair blogged, not only Truth Truth Truth..that I don’t particularly like.Many shops sell better hair but are never blogged, not in the mainstream fashion? Such a pity…

  3. There’s always someone quick to point out “there’s tons of hair shops better than truth/ whatever hair is posted.

    I have yet to see said people cough up a link. >.>

    If there really IS a better hair out there, I’m sure we’d all love to blog it and read about it. Please elucidate! ^_~

  4. truth does have nice hair…but 69 hair,0 style,kin etc are also worth trying..sixty nine realeased really pretty styles imo some days back,eha is a newer brand..also jolie femme keeps realsing better stuff 🙂 an boon is worth a look too..

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