Elate – Tree Skybox

Elate - Tree Skybox (Daylight)

I love skyboxes!! I live on my own sim so I don’t really need it for privacy, but I like that it’s lag free when you’re hundreds of meters away from all the stuff on the ground.

Elate has just released this new Tree Skybox, which is so spacious and includes some decorations. There’s plenty of room around the tree to place your own, too.

Elate - Tree Skybox (Daylight)

Everything you see is included and it’s even scripted with a few sitting and laying poses.

Elate - Tree Skybox (Daylight)

Chill area

Elate - Tree Skybox (Daylight)

Comfy bed

The skybox is inside a rezzer, so it’s super easy to set up. I like that this skybox is copy/mod so you can move stuff around if you want to.

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    I thought you only reviewed fashion items so didn’t leave my website before, but seeing this cute article I wonder if you would trade links with ours too?? Would be a great honor for me!

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