Dutch Touch – Isis

Dutch Touch - Isis

Dutch Touch – Isis (Cream)

I must say, Dutch Touch has one of the nicest cleavages I’ve ever seen! When I was cropping these pics for the blog, I noticed how awesome they were close-up.

Dutch Touch - Isis

Dutch Touch – Isis (CuteSet)

The new Dutch Touch Isis skins are available in 3 series of makeup packs. I’m showing pics of the CuteSet and the SmokeySet.

Each skin has Blonde/Black Eyebrows, 2 cleavage option, hair base, pubic hair layer and includes a pair of prim lashes.

Dutch Touch - Isis

Dutch Touch - Isis

Dutch Touch – Isis (SmokeySet)

Important things you should know:

If you join the ::DUTCH TOUCH:: Skins & Shapes there are two skins you can purchase for $500L each, instead of the regular price.

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  1. Aww these are so cute, and I love Dutch Touch skins generally anyway, I just really wish they’d worked so the lips didn’t have that darn inverted dip on the bottom again!

  2. Further correction: the free skin does not have red eyeliner. It has red lips. It’s called something like “redliner” which is confusing. The free skin is in all skin tones with hairbases and is amazing.

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  4. insert typical male response – I love the pics because it make you look like you have 5 heads and 6 bewbs!

  5. Skin Heaven!

    After my last rant about how confused I was with skin designers’ apparent lack of moving forward, I now have to eat humble pie and say, Dutch Touch – Isis Rocks!!

    Gone is the slightly endearing duck mouth, that has been a sort of trade mark for all Dutch Touch skins and always reminded me of Michelle Pfieffer, but in SL just made my av look like..well.. a duck with a moustache…and IN is the new ‘Isis’ which is just superb! In addition to a beautiful mouth the skin also comes with exquisite extra reality and as Gogo pointed out, a fab cleave!!

    Now my only dilemma is which one to choose! Thank you Iki, a job well done! x

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