Juicy De Costa, Parcel for rent

Juicy De Costa

Hey shop owners! If you’re looking for a medium sized parcel with roadway access on a cute sim, visit Juicy De Costa! 🙂

I have one corner parcel for rent that’s 4096 sq. meters and 937 prims.

The purchase amount is $5,000L, and will be credited back to you as 2 weeks rent. If you’re interested, purchase the parcel and you can move in right away!

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  1. I think it’s really bad taste to snub certain designers from sharing a link at your blog. I will be removing your link from my blog today as it has been there for months and I’ve sent 3 request to be added to yours. I”ve made a lot of money (sales) in Secondlife during the years that I have created here, but am still obviously not good enough for you. I was certainly nice to you when we met and thought your shapes were lovely. Now I just am writing you off as someone who thinks she is better, are you sure you are better?

    • I usually exchange links if people want to. I even wrote that on my site! *points to sidebar*

      Since you left an anonymous comment, I obviously have no idea who you are, what your site is, so I can’t add you now.

      I admire SL residents’ passions, but sometimes you guys care me a little.. you come off as psychos with declarations like this.

      It’s just a link.

  2. Hah! Just noticed I am not on your blogroll. Probably because I didn’t think to ask. At least the anonywhine reminded me to ask.

    • Cajsa, I added you just now, thank you for letting me know! I moved around a lot – from wordpress to typepad to my own domain. I lost a few links in the last move.

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