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Link Exchange

Add me to your blog roll, I’ll add you to mine. I’m only interested in exchanging with nice SL blogs that are active (has updated within the past 30 days).

By nice, I mean your blog at least is readable and DoEs NoT TyPEe LiKe DiS.

Posted by gogo

Gogo is a leading fashion and decor blogger of Second Life. Focusing on what's new and now, her honest take on what she sees and buys is the quintessential voice of the consumer.


    • Thanks for putting the Fashion 360ยฐ <– degree symbol, cos I would not have been able to do it myself ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. My blog is young and new, with only 14 posts under my belt. But either way i’ve followed you since way before i even thought of blogging, so i’m linking to your awesome blog!

    <3Vio Omizu

  2. http://kurashi.tumblr.com/

    I know you wrote just ‘active ones’ but .. i like to try nevertheless! i have a current graphic card issues so there are just a couple of posts in the last 4 weeks – thanks to a friend who borrowed me the computer for some hours- buuut my new mac will be arrived middle of next week (!) – and than i will be complitely back!

    its up to you! i dont will mind it if not or later.

    take care,

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