Iris Ophelia’s Face Tattoo

Iris Ophelia - Face Tattoo

Iris Ophelia has a pack of 5 tattoos listed on XStreetSL for dirt cheap!! They’re only $40L and I really wanted this Cracked face one cos it looks painful and beautiful, like a cracked porcelain doll. These will be so fun for photos!

Iris Ophelia - Face Tattoo

Face Tattoo – Cracked | Lashed | NoseLine | Third Eye | Lipgloss

The Lashed lined up perfectly, but the lipgloss didn’t. They might work for other skins, but for the LeLutka Lola skin I’m wearing, the upper lip on the tattoo was slightly bigger than the lip on the skin. So sad 🙁

This is a great deal for $40L though, I wouldn’t have bothered to make it for myself, so I’m glad someone else did! <3

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  1. Just bought for my alts & myself 😉

    I tried the lipgloss with a Rockberry Uma skin anda shape with quite thin lips and it seems to line up well, just for the records.

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