I love eha


Cajsa made me go check out eha hair cos she said the styles were cute and they’re pretty new/unknown. I visited and they only have a few styles but it’s so cheap! The hairstyles are $100L per color and it’s mod.

I’m wearing the eha – Chiko hairstyle in Strawberry texture. I wish they had Blonde hair but they don’t…. 🙁

eha hair

While I was at eha, I picked up this free shirt. It’s hilarious, visit eha for hair & the free top 🙂

The skin I’m wearing is a work-in-progress so I can’t say which brand it’s from (yet) but I will as soon as I get a final version. It’s HOT! I love it.

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  1. Yes, I like eha too. Chiko in strawberry looks lovely on you. I own all the colours of “Sang” & have been wearing them regularly since I got them. Great prices & cute looks!

  2. The hair is really cute, but unfortunately neither of the styles I bought is mod 🙁

  3. I bought the Sang (dark tones) and Kitei (light tones) packs. I just prefer mod hair because I often need to move one or two prims because my head shape is different. So I’m always bummed at no mod hair and I try not to buy it. The hair really is very nice, I just wish it was mod.

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