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Atomic Stumblebum


Atomic‘s Stumblebum item is awesome!! It’s called the Summertime skirt but it may as well be called “Gogo’s favorite tutu skirt” cos it is! I’m in SLove! It’s only $100L and this color is an exclusive item, available only until June 4th.

I tried to find the top worn in the vendor ad but I couldn’t find that exact one, so I purchased a different one (in a similar color).


The Exile skin that I’ve been teasing for awhile now is almost ready. It’s called Chloe, and the final skin is beautiful, I have warm fuzzy feelings about this skin. It’s youthful and very wearable.

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  1. SarahY

    Hmm… I couldnt find the top at Plastik. Great skirt though. Hope someone is able to locate that top.

  2. Bette

    The top is not from The Plastik. I asked my friend, Atomic’s CSR, and she informed me that the top is a work in progress by Ivy. So, I am guessing we should be seeing it at Atomic very soon. 🙂

  3. Gogo

    Hey Bette! Thank you for the tip! I’ve edited my post to take out the wrong info. I swear to gawd plurk pals can be so wrong LOL. They all told me “THE PLASTIK” I blame them! 😛

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