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Banned from EXODI

Why am I banned from EXODI?

I was surprised when I tried to teleport there today and realized that I have been banned from the region.

As far as I know, I have never done anything to deserve this ban. I only visit EXODI when there is a new release or when I want to purchase something. If this is a “personal” ban, then I don’t think I deserve it because I have never done ANYTHING to Ryker Beck.

I’ve known Ryker Beck for a long time, she used to be a renter on Juicy back in 2007 and some of 2009. I’ve always been supportive of her brand/products up until she blew up at me on Plurk over a comment I made over a year ago about something (not concerning her).

And hmm… are you mad about the plurk, or because I pointed out that your last Stephanie skins have seams?

I completely get it — it’s your sim, your business. If you don’t want my patronage, that’s FINE. But I just want to point out that I find it shocking business owners would make personal bans while allowing idiots and copybotters freely on your sim. Lame.


Someone on my friends list IM’d me this:

Name Removed: Wait, you were surprised you got banned from Exodi?
Name Removed: Okay, I’m going to be blunt. If somebody tore apart my stuff in the way you kind of went off on her skins, I’d probably ban you too

For the record, that was one honest (but negative) post compared to the dozens of other POSITIVE posts I have made about Exodi, Genesis and all of Ryker’s past brands. So yes, I am genuinely very surprised by the ban.

Naith Smit, Exodi, Bax Coen, and Donna Flora!

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  1. Leila D

    Your not missing much her skins are as sluttly as her.

    Just A general meh…. Lol it’s not even worth a mention Gogo.

  2. Ana Boogers

    @ Leila D, wow. Harsh.

  3. Dimitri Rizooto

    I feel sad for Leila

  4. Ryker Beck

    I banned you for questioning the genuine intentions of friends raising money in memory of another friend. At that point – and that point only – I ceased WANTING your patronage. Personal? Definitely.

    As for your opinion on my skins – I took it the way I do any other review. I am perfectly capable of accepting criticism, as ANYONE that knows me will tell you. In fact, it is because of that review that I took extra care in trying to make my next skin, Dael, as seamless as possible. I’m a big girl. I can take a smack on the hand.

    Questioning the integrity of a group of people attempting to honour the memory of a friend – that I will not stand for. And that’s really all I have to say on the matter.


    • Gogo

      This is a virtual world, yes I will question something if I want MORE INFORMATION. FYI, I did end up purchasing something from that event, but you completely overreacted on plurk about it.

      I’m glad you cleared that up, but I hope other designers don’t follow your example. I would hate to have to walk on eggshells and not raise questions when I have ’em.

      Charities are a dime a dozen in SL, before I decide if I want to support something, I want to know what it’s for, if it’s legit. It was not an unreasonable plurk.

      • Gogo

        Also, I think I have been to your sim post the plurk incident.. so I really don’t know or care to know WHEN exactly you banned me, just that you have made yourself very clear here. Bye, Exodi.

    • Lizzie Lexington

      I recall this situation Ryker and I assure you Gogo was was not questioning the intentions of the friends raising the money because their efforts seemed genuinely sincere. For myself and for many others it was more a question of why were the funds going to be given to someone in SL vs what the family’s requests were. I have lost both my parents and during that time the requests of the family should take precedence. She had every right to raise that question.

      I’m sorry but banning someone for thinking differently from you is not only ridiculous, it’s unprofessional. You can’t ban people in the real world just for things like this – there are no parcels with “about land” for you to add names to. So why do it here? So what in the real world were you for example a right wing republican are you going to ban anyone who didn’t vote for Bush? LOL. But that’s the deal with a few business owners here, they treat this place like a school yard versus a real working environment.

      Okay I said enough!

      • Ryker Beck

        Why do it here? Simple. I pay $300 a month to control my sim. Just as Gogo pays for her sims, her blog, etc. I reserve the right to allow or disallow anyone I like into it. Whether you like it, think it’s immature, personal, or not. Period.

        And just as an aside – it is perfectly acceptable in real life to ban people from entering a store (have you ever worked in retail?).

        • Lizzie Lexington

          Yes I have worked in retail and only people who caused problems within the store were escorted out. Why on earth would a RL retail business want the rep of being a store that bans people who have different opinions. Unless it was a head shop and they didnt want cops in or a gun shop supported by the NRA, LOL.

          • Ryker Beck

            You’re assuming I banned her because of her opinion. Obviously – I am perfectly capable of accepting opinion – as is evident by my ability to not get butthurt over her review of my Stephanie skin.

            I banned her because I felt personally insulted as a creator, friend of the deceased and participant in the event. Emotions run high during times like that – and sure – maybe I overreacted. But I will stand by my choice – because it was my choice to make.

            And I’m sorry – but you, nor anyone else, will bully me into changing my mind.

  5. Iris Ophelia

    How exactly does one make a by-definition naked body slutty? Out of curiosity. I’d like to hear the reasoning behind it. It’s not a comment in the spirit of constructive criticism that should be upheld in the face of this issue in particular.

    • Lili B.

      I understood that comment as probably referring to the face.

  6. tiashag

    I find it very ironic that you were banned DIRECTLY after Ryker was informed about your skin post yesterday on SCD.

    And Leila…grow up!!

    • Ryker Beck

      Umm.. she’s been banned since at least January. And I knew about the post long before yesterday. Like I said – it was just another review. So whoever you are – don’t assume you know anything about when or why I do anything. K? Thanks.

      • Gogo

        I’m just shocked that I have been banned that long and not know it. I’m pretty sure I bought Exodi stuff during the Vanity skin fair, had I known you hated my ass, I may not have purchased your eyes then.

        • Ryker Beck

          If you’d like a refund, I’d be happy to give you one – provided you can show proof of purchase. A screenshot of the items in your inventory will do.

  7. Ninna Dazy

    Geez….more drama

  8. Lashy

    Dramah ramah.

    I think you did take the opinion of one person too personally to the point of banning them from your sim. You said so right here that you felt insulted by something she said. That’s your perception of a skeptical opinion. Did she directly insult you or you were just offended that someone voiced out their speculations of an event you were involved in? Did everyone else involved mass ban her?

    Might as well ban me too then becuz I’m always skeptical of any SL charity. Just as I’m skeptical those spam emails from Nigerians who desperately need to borrow my bank account for 2 weeks. Anyone who asks me to get involved in charities will know I ask questions and need reassurance. If they go ballistic about that kind of questioning, well then, they won’t get my help.

    And for fuck’s sake, I’m really tired of the bully card people keep tossing at Gogo or anyone who else who more or less asks the question, “are you sure this’s legit?” We have every right to ask questions or raise concerns. For you and other folks like to call it bullying is a cheap tactic at looking the victim without clearing the air on your actions.

    Ban people all you want. I doubt this was a post to get you to revoke the ban. Only an opportunity to point out yet another act of hypocrisy and superficial elitism that plagues SL.

    • Ryker Beck

      I’m actually completely unaware of what “tossing the bully card” you’re speaking of, considering I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve called Gogo, or anyone, a bully. But… que sera sera. πŸ™‚

  9. Lizzie Lexington

    “And I’m sorry – but you, nor anyone else, will bully me into changing my mind.”

    I am sorry Ryker that you feel as though my expressing of my view on this subject is bullying you. That was not my intent. I wanted to point out that many others had their own doubts about where the funds were going, but NOT about the fundraiser itself. And sorry if you were offended by my implying you are unprofessional. But that’s my opinion coming from being the sales field for over 15 years. Take care Ryker.

    • Ryker Beck

      I wasn’t offended by your implication. My offense had nothing to do with you, or anything you said, or even anything that has happened recently. And again with the focus on the word “bullying”… I’m going to go ahead and assume that this relates to the recent anti-bully campaign or some such that I took no part in, and really know nothing about.

      Perhaps I should use another word.

      “And I’m sorry – but you, nor anyone else, will persuade me to change my mind.”

      That better? πŸ™‚ Good.

      • Lizzie Lexington

        Thank you Ryker. And disagreement is not always a bad thing in my mind πŸ™‚

  10. Lourdes Denimore

    This is some sad shit. Question a charity and get banned. I guess we’re supposed to throw lindens at any person who holds their hand out for money and never question it.

  11. kye

    I think all this is just attention seeking on behalf of Ryker Beck…drama whores if you will call it..she had every right to question over the fund raiser but personally i think you were pissed off Ryker when she said you had F#@Ked up with your skin and you didnt like that…and you used the fund raiser as YOUR excuse..which is lame..i would have personally been asking who why what and where about a fund raiser that isnt for chairty that i have known of.. thats my opinion..mebe ill be banned for MY OPINION too but meh really who cares..if she wants to loose valued customers over a opinion thats her choice..

    • Ryker Beck

      Attention seeking? LOL. I’m sorry, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but… this happened last year. It’s not my fault it took Gogo this long to notice and *I* certainly didn’t make this blog post, bringing attention to it. So please, enlighten me… how is it, exactly, that *I* am attention seeking here?

      And as far as what you think my intentions behind banning her were — frankly, I really don’t care. Your speculation does not overrule my truth.

      You are free to think what you like, Gogo and anyone else is free to question whatever they want, in any manner they want – hell *I* question charities in SL as well. Questioning it is not really the issue – it was the manner in which it was done, and I am not the only one that felt that way.

      Feel free to fight me on this all you like, but it’s really just beating a dead horse now. The bottom line – it’s my sim. It’s my $300. It’s my rules. You don’t like them? Then by all means – don’t play the game.

  12. moloko

    o…m..g me too lol I asked, & it was said something about a spolder ?????
    [10:01] bellemiss Theas: ejecte sistaa
    [10:02] tuttina Brentley ejected you from this land.
    [10:02] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
    [10:02] Connected
    [10:03] Teleport completed from

    LOL I was only looking for teeth braces then I tp there as it showed up in search under teeth braces… I would have not over reacted if it was something I said or done but I only touched down from TP

  13. nobody

    Ryker- you said, “And that’s really all I have to say on the matter.” And then in typical drama queen fashion, continued to reply umpteen more times. It would look a lot more professional on your part to just stfu about it. You did it, you stand by it, and if you really wanted to put an end to the matter you wouldn’t feel a need to continue defending yourself anytime someone states their opinion about it.

    And for the record, this nobody thinks banning people from shops and sims is a bunch of bullshit. Unless they’re copybotting or griefing, your personal opinion of the person really shouldn’t play a role. It doesn’t work like that in RL retail, it shouldn’t work like that in SL. But yeah, by all means. That $300 makes you God of your sim. Now feel free to comment to this even though you said you had nothing more to say. No such thing as bad publicity, I guess.

    • Ryker Beck

      I don’t see what I’m doing as “defending” myself. There is nothing to defend. I am simply conversing. And yes. I am still responding. I MUST be a drama queen. Comment comment comment comment comment comment!

      *rolling eyes now*

      You’re right though. I’m pretty sure I’ve said all I really need to say. And it’s late now. So – nini! πŸ™‚

  14. JenniferD

    I think it’s unprofessional for SL business owners (whom don’t) contact those they ban with an in world IM or email telling them at least that they were banned or their lindens were not welcomed anymore.

    Gogo, I appreciate you’re honest reviews and the fact that you do point out flaws and or red flags. We all want the best for our money and as a consumer you have taught me sooo much as for buyer beware. You are criticized openly in front of us all for keeping it real. I for one hope you continue to do so.

  15. Katey

    Ryker controls her sim and has offered you a refund on the items she bought, I don’t understand how she can be any fairer than that? She explained why she banned you, and whether you think that’s petty or not (or I do!) it’s sort of irrelevant, she can do whatever she wants with her sim.

    Personally I wouldn’t turn away a paying customer unless it fell into circumstances that were more serious than just a question, but then that’s just me and that’s what I pay my 300 bucks a month to decide πŸ™‚

    I luz Ryker and I think Gogo is awesome too so I’m really not trying to take a side here at all, just wanted to support. <3

  16. Amara

    Frankly this shocked me as I thought Ryker was a more professional person than this. Yes, a blogger posted something about the faults in your skins, but how many times did you reviews skins way back when and point out their flaws? Toes not matching. Odd shadow of the butt or bust. That’s what a review is. Nothing to be ashamed of or offended by. Not like it will suddenly halt people coming to your store…you make good stuff.

    But news like this only makes Ryker look pathetic, not Gogo. It just shows that she can’t take anything negative without going over board and acting like a mature adult.

  17. EnCore Mayne

    i fully expect to see my name on anyone’s banlist for the pettiest reasons imaginable. welcome to the real world of emotional blackmail and unforgiveable excuses for acting like a twelve year old. it’s so bloody obvious seeing the “friend” distinctions between the brutish ignoramists and the mature folk. please, for god’s sake, don’t be honest or criticize circumstances. someone might take offense and burn your ass in hell. ha, that aint natural. my gang against yours? gtfu children.

  18. Sugarr Delight

    Actually I recall the event and Gogo’s behavior, which goes along with her behavior for some time now. It is, often, in the worst possible taste. If you have questions about something, why not ask in private, why make it this public event. I never thought the banning was over skins and Ryker has mentioned that it isn’t, many people have different opinions on skins – that just goes with skin making.

    In my view, Gogo behaved with a significant lack of tact, as she has often done and I am not at all surprised that Ryker responded by not wanting her business any longer. There are things more important than money and we all choose what those things are for ourselves. I don’t always see eye to eye with Ryker either but I think in this case she is very much within her rights and Gogo is once again trying to play the poor little me card after behaving like a brat. And, all of you patting Gogo on the head like the sycophants that you are really are just feeding her ego.

    • Gogo

      Sugarr, let me tell you why I’m publishing your comment, which is obviously just your point of view, and as I recall, you are in the camp of people I would refer to as “people who are quick to hate my ass” because I may have offended a friend of a friend of a friend, whatever, right? Fair enough. Your opinion is purely based on nothing. Don’t know you, don’t care.

      Now, if you have a fancy version of “how things went down” I’d like to hear it. As I recall, I plurked a question to my friends list on Plurk about why everyone was donating to Nic — some people blew up, some people answered me, like mature adults.

      Wait, I don’t even know why I’m responding any more… same ol’ same ol’.

      • Sean

        “Sugarr, let me tell you why I’m publishing your comment”

        Might I step in and just point out here that you, Gogo – are stating that you normally don’t “publish” certain opinions and comments of people who are reading your blogs? Now, referring back to Ryker’s reasons for banning you. You, Gogo, choose to point the finger at Ryker for not allowing you to have an opinion and question the charity.

        But this statement you just made here is showing that you should be pointing the finger at yourself then. Because here is a person named Sugarr who is having an opinion against you, and you are choosing to allow or “ban” the comment from being published. You are only showing yourself to play the hypocrite card by banning comments of people whom you don’t agree to their opinions that are against you.

        It seems very clear that Ryker had a gut feeling about you just causing all this drama, stress and comment begging. This blog post you have made is very obvious you only wanted Comments Comments Comments.

        You mentioning that you supported Exodi, since when? Last year? She banned you this long ago and you had no clue, why? Because you clearly do not support Exodi. A couple of blog posts long in the past doesn’t make up for your strong statement of “supporting Exodi.”

        Go Ryker! Your intentions and gut feeling is so right here!

        • Gogo

          Sean, yes I do moderate comments. Yes I do often publish negative comments about me. I said that to Sugarr, and to SUGARR ONLY, because she badmouthed me to a mutual friend so it’s no surprise she would be like bla bla typical Gogo behavior.

          I don’t need to write about RYKER BECK to get comments (or hits).

          I supported EXODI, but if she hasn’t made anything that appealed to me in the last 6 months, then I have no need to visit the sim until a few days ago when I spotted a bikini I wanted.

          Hey psst, Exodi has a blog, go write your cheerleader comments there. Go Ryker, Rah rah!

    • Lizzie Lexington

      Just a minute there Ms. Sugarr. Lizzie ain’t no syncophant (read my blog and you will see that is glaringly obvious). I talked to Gogo myself about having concerns regarding where this money was going. And I tell you this at least 5 others talked to me about it. I have seen some bogus fundraisers in SL enough times to have questions about this one. Again the people who were involved had their hearts in the right place and I commend them for that. People had concerns though and so why not voice the concerns publicly instead in whispered muffles as exhibited by some of the folks involved in the EVENT!

  19. Marianne Little

    Oh yes Sugarr… why oh why can’t Gogo ask in private, a plurk to her friends is of course so public. *rolls eyes* I don’t read on Plurk, I have no idea what this was about, you have to realize, Plurk is just for a few SL users. Making a big case of it instead of a civil reply would make it die down in hours. Instead, creating drama and hate-filled posts spread this into wider circles.

    This Gogo-hating is right up there with those who argue: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” and “Flaws should be discussed with the creator, not made public on a blog”. Because all know that SL designers is so thin skinned, not even a hint about faults must be mentioned…

  20. Justify

    Ryker, before you do something, consider that bad karma could hit you back one day. Be happy that you could escape from another big drama earlier.

  21. nedeko

    “It’s drama time, baby!” πŸ˜‰
    Sorry coudn’t resists to write this thought!

    Somehow it’s funny to watch all this .. there might be ppl who writing critical stuff about a product – based on facts and ofcourse there might be a reaction..

    I guess, its kinda ‘okay’ – the blogger has the right to be honest about a product and the creator can do what he/she wants with her bann-lists

    // ——————————-

    I just can repeat me:

    Learn to work with critique which you will get > creators. Is it such a big drama / Do you must take it personal (to set somebody at bann list feels always like this) ..? Everybody who brought the same product which is shown in a blog post has own eyes to see the faults him-/herself and is disoppointed about them. Yeah, and what .. ? Its up to YOU to take care about your products that they don’t have big ugly faults in it .. It’s not the blogger fault that your product is into public talk, its all up by yourself. Be angry with yourself that you didnt spent the time on the prodcut which it deserved at this moment ..

    But yes, ‘we’ in sl love drama .. drama is attention. Seems it doesnt work without it, hu? ^^

    Take care (all sides),

  22. mikayla

    i think banning based on an opinion is really stupid.. or even for just asking a question.. just cuz ya don’t like someone because they are different in opinions or what not is no excuse to ban them.. after all they could really be influential in getting their friends and fellow store owners to avoid your sim.. your just losing out on potential sales.. just mute them and go about your life, i say. πŸ™‚

  23. Nate

    I support GoGo 100% if Exodi can’t take an opinion, oh well. It is her loss in the end because many people read your blog.

  24. Molly

    Gogo, I don’t know you, nor have I ever known anyone connected to you. I have, however, visited your blog almost daily since 2008. You have wonderful taste in fashion, and your avatar always looks fabulous.

    Though I did not read the comment that you posted in regard to the charity, I am not surprised to learn that the comment (according to Ryker and Sugarr) was made in poor taste, as much of what you say in your blog often comes across as tactless and petty.

    Also, for someone who claims to hate drama, you appear to really love bringing it to your blog.

    • Gogo

      Someone passed away. A group of her friends got together to form a fund raising event with all proceeds going to this her fiance in SL.

      I made a comment, I forgot the exact wording but it went something like this:

      Why are we donating to Someone’s internet fiance? <--- Ryker went NUTS. She said "HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE NIC OF BEING AN INTERNET FIANCE!!! THEY ARE RL" <-- I'm paraphrasing, it was something like that. That's all that has happened. These are two avatars in SL I have never spoken to, how am I to know they are "RL" too. She lives in Canada. He lives in Florida. Sorry everyone, I can't read minds. I asked a question. So crucify me. Also I don't want to talk about THIS particular drama, but that's why I am so called banned from EXODI. Big surprise. I don't really care, heck, it took me half a year to notice.

      • Ryker Beck

        Oh please – don’t pretend like I went off a handle, nor that I was the only one doing so. I wrote maybe 3 lines, which to plurk is what – 300 characters? And by the time *I* said ANYTHING, there were already over 100 responses to the plurk, some also deeply offended, others not. Let’s not be over dramatic about this.

        And I said more along the lines of, “Are you seriously questioning the intentions of a group of people..”, “I’ve never actually had a problem with you before”, and “I never really paid attention to all the whining about you, but it never occurred to me that you really might be a cold hearted bitch.”

        At that point – is when I removed you from my time line, banned you, and quite frankly – never thought of you again. Considering there was a LOT of bitching about you going around at this particular time for whatever reason, I don’t really remember, and I shrugged 90% of it off (because at this time, I WAS on your time line, I read most of what you had to say – and most of the time, also disagreed vehemently with it) – this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

        And yes – CLEARLY you don’t care. Because, you know… people always write blog posts whining about how they’ve been banned from a sim, and how they’ve OMG been SO SUPPORTIVE of the store on said sim. Not to mention taking 6 months to even notice? You’re absolutely right. You have been nothing but supportive. And you TOTALLY “don’t care”. *rolls eyes*

        • Gogo

          When isn’t there a lot of bitching about me? If you asked 90% of those people WHY they are bitching, it would involve some long explanation about something insignificant.

          I really don’t care about being banned from EXODI. If you were perhaps a brand that I *absolutely must have* I probably would have noticed much sooner.

          I am supportive of many brands that I don’t visit too often, but if people need to go camp out at your sim for stuff to show support…… then uh, I guess I wasn’t.

      • Lizzie Lexington

        Plus the family in her obituary requested any donations to go to the non-profit organization she worked for. My understanding from various plurks was that this request was disregarded because the boyfriend was slighted in the “loved ones” section. We don’t know this guy – we don’t if they were RL and did he attend the funeral? And if the funeral had passed and he didn’t go why would the money be given to him? We had questions and we just simply wanted answers. We had no issues with the people putting on the fundraiser at all.

    • Grisham

      A statement that beings with “I don’t know you …” but then proceeds to make a commentary that pretty much generalizes someone they just claimed they don’t know loses the effect of neutrality that those first words were trying to impress.

      I don’t think someone’s being dramatic when they ask or raise questions about people’s actions done to them or on other people. Yet I do find the dismissive labeling of Gogo to be very dramatic. This is quite possibly why a lot of bloggers out there DON’T say anything critical and just post fluff or glamourized shots with incessant, sycophantic praise.

      And that’s why I don’t read those blogs. There’s no personality there. They’re all watered down fashionplates who resigned to being free platforms for designers to promote themselves with. I thought blogs ARE meant to be opinionated, entertaining, personal. If designers don’t want any realistic feedback to come their way then close up your shops. Hide behind your grab-happy friends, and just sell shit amongst yourselves. That way you’ll hear only what you want to hear.

      But face it. Bottom line, any spacey berk with a drizzle of marketable talent is holding up shop for the money. It would be nice if said sillies would quit switching the hat from a self-proclaimed professional to just another insecure narcissist. Sell your wares, suck up the criticism and don’t make a blithering arse of yourself when someone points out you’re getting sloppy.

      Thank god the male fashion blogs get little of this.

  25. Pennelope Thiessam

    Well, at least I’m not the only one.

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