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Bella di Notte – Sydney Skin

Bella Di Notte - Sydney

Bella di Notte has just released the Sydney skins! This is my favorite release from BdN so far, cos the brows and lips are just perfect. I’m wearing Sydney in Light skin tone and Light Brows. Each skin tone has 10 different makeups, and Light and Dark brows option.

Bella Di Notte

Bella Di Notte

BdN creator, Jade Glazner is awesome with makeups! I’m begging her for these eye makeups in 2.0 tattoo layers so I can wear it with other skin bases.

Bella Di Notte

Bella di Notte – Sydney | Light Brows | Dark Brows

These are some of the nicest brows I’ve ever seen on skins. I really like the detail & the color.

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  1. Naomi Afterthought

    The minute I saw this. . .I had to have it. The lips are beyond perfect, while being so delicate and soft!! I hate when people are afraid to make soft lips glossy. And the brows are so sweet too. ~ I wear Harlow / Swedish tone hair like you, but I like the dark brows. :]

  2. Naomi Afterthought

    And I just realized. . .Jade did these?? I am friends with her on IMVU and on SL, I had no idea she had gotten so good this past year!! I have some of her first skins.

  3. Light Claven

    Omg gogo, this looks so AWESOME! i love your shape, all of those skins you review look so darn amazing on you! like they were made to fit you hehe…

  4. Strawberry

    I love this skin! Those lips are so beautifull!!!
    And the shape of the eyebrows… Amazing. I am in love with this skin…
    And those make-ups… I hope the body is just as nice as the face…

  5. Dawnde Lane

    tried it on in world, and its so pretty, didnt need to change my face at all for it.
    yay for skin

  6. Bunny Blindside

    I agree, this is her best yet. Those lips are amaaaaaaazing!

  7. Lil

    Looks like my identity is confirmed. Why? Well, because it said so…

    “[8:41] CopyBot Protection Mark VI (v.1.4): Checking your avatar informations…
    [8:41] CopyBot Protection Mark VI (v.1.4): Identity confirmed. Enjoy your visit! :D”

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