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Clawtooth – The Seas Met (AutumnMix) | Lovely Liz Pony (Bombshell Blonde)

Clawtooth is a hair store that I avoided for for months and months because I didn’t like the styles or textures when it first launched. Everyone said it was “so awesome” but I thought the sculpted prims were rough at first, and they still had a long way to go before the styles were wearable.

FINALLY, a couple of releases ago, I demo’d and fell in love with two styles. Then I went back for more…

I will be keeping an eye out for new Clawtooth releases now, because I think this brand has improved significantly and it’s actually something that I would wear normally and not just with costumes.

I’m still waiting for a nice Blonde texture but the Reds are superb! A certain little Red headed avatar got me hooked on Clawtooth.


I’m wearing the Laqroki Pearl skin again today. I love this skin but it doesn’t have a dark Red lipstick, so I typically just wear the nude makeups. But today I was still wearing the Lola (LeLutka) lipstick tattoo layer and I noticed that it lined up very well. It looks fabulous together, but I still wish Mallory Cowen would release tattoo lipstick layers for the Laq skins too, cos I like her lip textures.

I don’t really like the SL 2.0 client but I am suffering through it cos I love tattoo make-up layers!

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Pearl 07 [Fair] Glow Skin
Clawtooth – The Seas Met
Clawtooth – Lovely Liz Pony
Whippet & Buck – Frilly Set (Striped Baby Rainbow)

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  1. Sylvan

    I’ll be avoiding 2.0 until it’s impossible to run SL without it. That’s a cute Clawtooth style. I hit their sale last week and grabbed a few. Yes, the reds are great.

  2. Lizzie Lexington

    YAY!!! I love Bubbles and you look so cute!

  3. leilani

    Love the ‘kini!
    So cute 😀

    …and I won’t be on 2.0 even though I love the tat layer. I seem to take twice as long to do anything on that client.

  4. TheShadow99

    I’m waiting for Emerald to release their version with the 2.0 features… I can wait, 2.0 itself was horrid even using the Kirsten’s viewer…

  5. Leeloo

    I love clawtooth! and that Pearl skin looks stunning with vibrant red lips 🙂

  6. Bianca Leborski

    I’m a fan of yours. You really have a pretty avatar with perfect shape and skins! I have read your posts the last few months and still enjoying your posts. May I know where did you get your eyelashes on this post? I love it!!!

  7. Strawberry

    I realy love the new viewer. The “outfit making” option rocks and the tattoo layer and the alpha layer… I love it all and red hair suits you Gogo you look realy cute.

  8. Lash

    I wish I could like the new viewer. I guess it takes getting used to. But everything is like massively small on there, like everything got squished to the side. It drives me nuts. I feel like my head’s being squeezed in too. O.o

    But if LAQ releases makes ups for 2.0 hmmm I might do eeet.

  9. Paige

    I also recently discovered Clawtooth. Bubble’s NCs are such a hoot.

    As for LAQ, I love my April in the Fair tone, but I’ve asked if they plan to make April in Peach. As cute as April is, I look kinda pallid in beachwear. :p

  10. Lil

    If you can’t stand / like / run the LL 2.0 out of the box, maybe you’ll find some comfort in applying the “Starlight” interface mod found at

    Or if you want something non-LL, was the first 2.0 third party release.

    BoyLane’s RainbowViewer is not on LL’s TPV directory, but is yet technically compatible with the policy. It has tattoo and alpha layers, available at

    I think LL did their best to make the transition to a new viewer as hard as possible and once again it’s up to third parties to fix the experience. *rolls eyes*

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