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eha hair


eha – Yuka | Rin | Yuki (in Strawberry)

eha has just released 3 more hairstyles at their new main store. I think this brand will be quite popular, cos the styles are cute and they’re already releasing fairly consistently. They’re new so I’ll cut them some slack about not having my favorite light blonde texture, but I’m still waiting for it!

Also, I noticed a trend lots of Japanese hair designers (or new designers), the hair sizes tend to run a lot smaller than usual. I think the “standard” SL head size is 50+ with an average head (profile) length. I had to resize this hair a lot more than the other brands I normally wear, but it wasn’t too hard (it may be hard for newer players though).

Visit eha’s new main store!

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  1. sylvan

    What surprised me about the new releases is that they don’t have resizer scripts but the few that were sneak peaks had scripts. I wonder if the creator just forgot to add them?

  2. B

    Better off without the scripts. Perhaps the creator finally realized that the scripts aren’t needed and only make bad?
    One should take the time to learn how to modify oneself instead.

  3. Cajsa Lilliehook

    It’s deliberate. She has a sign up at the store noting the change. I think it’s a good idea because so many folks forget to delete the script after the hair is fitted and become laggyboots. You can get a free resizer script of manual resizing is hard for you.

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