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Get nail’d!

I went to [this place] to get sexy new pumps, but their landing point pissed me off, so I will not be naming what [this place] is today. Maybe tomorrow, cos I’m cranky like that.

I secretly really want to wear prim nails all the time! But they don’t look good with all ao poses and still poses. I was wandering around [this place] and the first thing I saw was this prim nails vendor. Yet another thing I don’t need but totally want anyways.

Check out how cute they are!





The nails from [this place] comes with a Nail HUD to change nail polish color and there’s a ton of colors to choose from, as well as natural french manicures.

I like that they included different hand sizes – 20, 30, 40, and 50, but WHO has hands that are sized 50??? They should have started at 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 maximum. I typically wear hands @ size 15, but will change it to 20 to fit most prim nails, but I won’t go larger than that.

Anyways, [this place] has nice nails. But they need to stop forcing people to land at the wheat field and then force them to walk to the shop by disabling fly. (Yes I know we can turn on admin options to fly, but still…)


What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Michelle 2 (Happy Blond)
LeLutka – Lola (Light) makeup6 (L Brows)
Face Tattoo – Third Eye (Iris Ophelia)
Zaara – Adyan Kurta (Fuschia)
Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Dark)

/UPDATE/ – Alright guys, I had my fun!! πŸ™‚ The shop is Pixel Mode by Tya Fallingbridge. Go and get nail’d!

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  1. Liess

    Oh those nails are really nice!

  2. Shinesse Madison

    If -this place- is the one I’m thinking of I’ve been wanting to try their nails but I’ve been apperenshive. I like the idea of prim nails but I’ve yet to see a pair that look good. No offense to those who wear them but the majority of time they look like dragon lady nails. I saw one chick whose AO made her feel herself up and it looked so painful with her long nails. LOL. However your pics of them look really nice so perhaps I’ll go try a pair. Did you do much editing for length?

    • Gogo

      3 different lengths are included – regular, long, and fetish (o.o I don’t even know what this is suppose to be, LOL) anyways! they’re super easy to wear, but she included some nails cover-up on the glove layer, and there are presets for some skins in SL — most of the brands she created them for were not ones I wore, so I had to tint my own (there’s a white one to tint).

  3. AK

    Wait. *head hurts* You’re showing us nails but won’t tell us where to get them?

  4. Marianne Little

    /me laughs…. wheat field? Yes I have those nails too… they are great. I fly in no-fly sims. Not in Roleplay sims, if they set it up to look Medieval for instance, I will not ruin their play). I take a quick look at the mini-map, and if no one is around, I fly. What’s the worse they can do to me? Ban me? I just take my money and shop other places.

  5. Ana Kornberg

    lololol loved the punishment… I don’t have a single pair of prim nails but I think I’ll try these… how do you do if you want to use rings at the same time?

  6. zaii

    pretty nails, gogo! and the heels too– may i please ask where they’re from?

  7. Mairead Fitzgerald

    Oh I adore these nails. The only time they screw up on me is when I spend a couple hours hoping off and on Motion Capture dance stands. These really rock. I was leary to try … but glad I did, I am extremely pleased.

  8. Dottie Dosei

    I love the nails! I’ve never warn prim nails but I think I’ll give it a try lol
    Someone should make an AO specifically tailored to prim nails just for fun lol

    Anyways! lol awesome post! I agree with Ana Kornberg lol – loved the punishment πŸ˜›

  9. Strawberry

    Verrrrrry cute nails…

  10. marlz

    hellooo!! do you mind me asking what shape you wear most? its so beautiful im in love…im guessing you probably edit them a lot so they are different….thanks <3

  11. Confused Girl

    Nice nails and where were they purchased? Thanks!

  12. Third Eye?

    Where was the tattoo from? ….Face Tattoo? I’m having trouble finding the location in-world. :S

  13. Iris Ophelia

    Anyone who wants the Third Eye tattoo, just IM me in world and I’ll send you one, I don’t actually have a store so it’s not officially out for sale anywhere ^^;; I’ll probably put them on XStreet later but for now you can just have it free. πŸ˜€

  14. Mairead Fitzgerald

    /me whispers… PixelMode πŸ™‚

    And these don’t have an AO perrsay BUT they do come scripted with a HOLD animations that keeps your hands and nails from parting ways, which is a common problem with prim nails and why these [PM] nails stay so nicely attached. I am “assuming” the scripted Hold is set to lvl 4 to overirde most other avatar movements.

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