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Hello Baby

Zooby Baby

This DpYumYum Fitting Room was a group gift from toraji Voom. If you missed it, it’s gone now.

I saw many people decorating this lovely skybox and didn’t really know what to do with mine until I remembered that I needed to set up a new Baby’s room. Since I moved to my homestead, I had to sacrifice a couple of homes, so I didn’t have any space in my existing beach house for a baby’s room at all. This skybox is fabulous, and is just the perfect size for all of my Zooby Baby’s furniture.

Zooby Baby
I paid a visit to Zoobyville recently and purchased my baby a new bathing suit! While I was there, I noticed a fabulous new line of Maternity wear, which I will feature in a separate entry soon.

Zooby Baby

Zooby Baby lovers will be happy to know that I have info from creator Carrie Tatsu that a newborn will be released very soon. How exciting!!!!! My baby is totally getting a new sister πŸ˜›

In the mean time, please enjoy some fabulous baby pictures. My friends are split into two groups, some of you adore the babies and have one yourself, and some of you think I’m weird. But you know what? You cannot deny their cuteness!!

Enjoy! πŸ˜›

Zooby Baby

Zooby Baby

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  1. Bech

    Gogo, I know you’re probably keeping 1st life and 2nd life apart, but which year are you born? πŸ˜€
    Not that having these baby dolls are childish, I just got curious.
    I would never buy such a baby myself, horror! They look so scary and not cute at all.. Well, I don’t even find RL babies to be all that lovely. I love the interior stuff for babies though. Nice colors and patterns πŸ™‚

    • Gogo

      I find it shocking that so many SL residents feel this way — it is JUST another thing to play with in SL. The baby is probably one of the best texture/scripted item I own, and I appreciate all the work put into it.

      • Bech

        Ehh? I never said it’s a BAD way to play within Second Life, did I?
        I NEVER said the texturing nor the scripting is bad, I just said I find them to be scary and not cute.
        I think you read in too much into my comment, Gogo.

  2. Maretch

    aww that baby must be proud to have a great mother like you πŸ˜€

    LUV your blog (: <3

  3. Jennifer

    I love that you shared this with us.
    Does the baby have a name?
    I own the “Casey” baby and adore him.
    Super cute and sooo interactive.

  4. MarianneLittle

    I am jealous because I missed that skybox πŸ™ Isn’t the group name Double Paradox… I remember struggling to find the DP Yumyum group before. A bit confusing. Oh well, I lost that freebie, that’s life. I thought that the babies was a bit too much RL into my SL when I saw them first. I was just done changing diapers and swore that two kids were enough (in rl) so I was so fed up with babystuff. Maybe I get a Zooby baby when I am retired and the kids have moved out. The crib with butterflies over are just gorgeous.

  5. Desiree

    Awww, I didn’t know you were a mom, Gogo. You look so maternal holding that baby. I doubt I’ll ever miss motherhood enough to get my own in SL though. Four, including twins, in RL was *enough*. lol

    • Gogo

      I have never considered myself an SL “mom”, I just have a Zooby Baby which I adore cos it’s so super cute!!! πŸ™‚

      And, I am not a RL mom (yet)!!

  6. Julia

    Hi Gogo, i love your blog πŸ™‚
    could you please tell where is this hair from?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. Pumpkin Saenz

    Great pictures as always, Gogo! While I don’t have a Zooby baby myself (I can’t see myself spending the money and never using it), I have to admit that they have done a great job on them. If I was going to get an SL baby, it’d be a Zooby baby. I remember first admiring Katat0nik Pidgeon’s Zooby baby, ODB, Jr (love that name!) and I toyed with the idea of getting one just so I could walk around barefoot with it in my arms while smoking a cigarette. I know, I’m weird.

  8. Libby

    HI Gogo,
    I just love what you are wearing in the pictures. Can you share where the dress and sandals came from? Thank you!

    • Elise Capalini

      Libby, I think it’s the Sway Sundress from Surf Couture.

  9. Amara

    I own a Zooby baby myself, so I find it nice to see someone blogging about it. I have to side with Libby though – where did the dress and shoes come from? I’ve been looking for a nice pair of sandals like that without the prim toes for a while.

  10. Marianne Little

    I guess those sandals are Saikin wedges. I can’t see them from the side, so I’m not sure if it’s wedges or flats. But the front looks similar.

  11. Brittanie Levee

    Hi Gogo ! I love love love the blog lol . I was wonder how do you get your zooby baby to not be half in your body when you sit or stand . Lol I’ve tried to edit mine so she won’t look like she busting out on my chest . But all I’ve done is make her look like my parasitic twin lmao . Any advice you can give . thanx !!!

    • Gogo

      Click your Zooby baby, there should be different poses built-in for holding, burping, hold while sleeping, etc.

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