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Juicy Lo Shape

Juicy - Lo

Juicy Lo Shape (in-world photo) not photoshopped

Shapes are relatively easy to make, all you have to do is go into appearance mode and play with a bunch of sliders, right?

That’s what some people think, but I think that making an attractive shape takes a lot of patience. I always make a shape specifically for a skin, cos really, no shape “fits all” skins, even though a good base shape can be very versatile, all you would need to do is a few small tweaks to get them to ‘work’ on new skins.

I made this Juicy Lo shape for the new LeLutka skins for anyone one that wants an attractive shape that fits Lola, without having to spend a lot of time getting it just right.

Juicy - Lo

Juicy - Lo

All Juicy Shapes are copy/mod and includes a style card.

If you like Lo, visit Juicy Shapes! 🙂

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  1. Tammy

    Are you going to share the secret of where you got these shoes from with us?
    Pretty please ;o)

  2. Miia Limondi

    I was wondering why u don’t have demo’s for your shapes.. Ive been in the store a few times and have always wanted to try one out.. but a demo would be really helpful.. just a friendly consumer suggestion! Love the blog =)

  3. Bech

    Those eyebrows are so gorgeous… Your post reminds me of yesterday when I was going to put on a LeLutka skin still wearing a shape made for another brand and.. Horror! I looked like the worst monster ever since Ruth. Pretty funny and hard to imagine how the skin could look so great a couple of minutes later when wearing the correct shape.
    It’s not just about having a good skin, one needs a good shape as well 🙂

  4. JenniferD

    The shoes come from the same store as the nails she recently blogged about. -I think.. lol

  5. Savvy

    Yes, I’ve wondered before why you have no demos for your shapes.

  6. Tess

    Why no demos? Its not like they are hard to make. Huge hands, huge feet, no modify and thats it. I’m sure the shape looks nice but a demo would guarantee more sales on your end 😉

  7. Sara

    oh Juicy shapes doesn’t have a demo ? sad 🙁

  8. Samantha

    I never ever buy shapes without demos — ever. And even though your shape looks absolutely stunning with Lola, I’d like to try it out first (as I think most consumers would). It’s a pity. 🙁

  9. JeanGenie Jewell

    I NEVER change my shape, I made it and is ME…skins must fit me or I dont wear them..simple:)

  10. Sara

    I am so bored with my same old shape…want to try a new one..I made my own shape and only I KNOW how much patience it requires. It goes with almost ALL the skins I got but now I wanna try a new one but don’t have the patience to make one on my own lol…found juicy shapes to be pretty good as they to seem to look great with almost every skin I have seen on this blog…I am still wondering why Juicy shapes don’t come with a

  11. Lo

    I certainly like Lo! 😀

  12. Morri

    The shape is really GREAT! yes i know, it doesnt have a demo, but i took the risk and bought it… well…. surprise!!! Looks great with all my skins ( and i have tons :P). I really love this shape! Congrats Gogo!

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