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LYRIOPE, Aura Skin

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

Aura is Lyriope’s second skin release, so I promised Ai Baroque I would take that into consideration when reviewing this skin. However, she has nothing to worry about, as this skin is very good and is already prettier than lots of skins from more seasoned skin creators.

When I try on a skin, it’s either “pretty” or it’s not, and then I move on. This skin is pretty. The face is youthful, fresh, has nice skin textures & tone and is realistic.

Aura is available in 18 makeups (lots of choices, but can be overwhelming) and Light and Dark eyebrows. I’m wearing the Pale skin tone below:

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

This face is absolutely beautiful, and the body is alright. There are things I would change, like more boobs shading and different torso shading (I prefer a more toned look), but that’s all personal preference stuff. You should totally demo for yourself and decide if this skin is for you, so I won’t post a nekkie pic today 😛

Since I have a reputation of being a bit of a tough skin critic (but I’m really nice!!!), I will tell you one detail that bugs me about Aura.

LYRIOPE - Aura (Pale)

I noticed right away that the ear is a lot brighter and actually a slightly different skin tone than the face. This may not be the case on ALL skin tones, but it was quite noticeable on the one I wore  – Pale.

I think the ears are often overlooked but it’s such an important detail because I take lots of close-up pictures of my avatar’s face — the ear has to blend in well with the rest of the face.

Considering that this is Lyriope’s second skin, I think that this is a minor detail if you’re into the rest of the skin.

Visit Lyriope 🙂

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  1. Tracy Rubble

    Wow, that is so gorgeous, I can barely believe that its just the second skin.

    Definately on my list of “must haves”

  2. janDi

    the eyelashes are so beautifull i love it to and the skin is interesting too

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