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Morantique Lush


Morantique Lush – Lush (Aqua) Earrings, Avangarda necklace

Morantique Lush has recently released a collection of earrings and jewelry sets. I usually blog Morantique prefabs and furniture but Mo Miasma is so talented. She can do anything!! Her new brand, Morantique Lush, already has a small but growing collection.


Morantique Lush – Moria Chandelier earrings, Lush (Aqua) Earrings


Morantique Lush – Solaris earrings, Boudoir earrings

If you’re looking for some fantastic jewelry that makes a statement, visit Morantique Lush.

What I’m Wearing:

Miel Tue Hair – Blonde / 1 (Group Gift)
Laqroki – Pearl 01 [Fair] Glow Skin
MALT – Florentia Dress (Salem)
Morantique Lush – Lush (Aqua) Earrings
Morantique Lush – Avangarda necklace

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  1. Sugarr Delight

    I’m commenting here because by the time I bothered to come back, you’d closed comments elsewhere. By the way the first picture you posted is lovely, truly stunning.

    And this space left intentionally blank so you can imagine something to which you can make a supposedly witty response, since that seems to be the only reason you allow my comments to be visible. You really do protest too much. Only the immature and inexperienced find you believable.

  2. Xena

    Hello. A strange question perhaps.
    I wonder if you know how to make a lace/collar flouance.. I’d need to make one for my project.. Such you can wear with a dress 😛

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