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SLink Mikaela Shoes

SLink - Mikaela

SLink has just released these gorgeous Mikaela shoes with new foot textures that has slight shine added to it. I think the shine adds so much realism to the feet, they’re probably one of the nicest feet in SL right now. Let me explain why…

Some of my favorite skins now comes with slight shine on the skin texture. Even the nicest prim feet won’t fully match because the shine usually ends when the foot texture is totally matted. With SLink’s new feet, the shine continues down along the foot (thanks to the shine on the prim feet), so these shoes will work well with the skins I wear.

SLink - Mikaela

The Mikaela Shoes comes in 10 different textures, and an updated HUD to change skin tone, texture, metals, gems, nail colors, etc. There are too many options to list here, but you’re getting a *great* deal with each purchase.

SLink - Mikaela HUD

SLink - Mikaela HUD

SLink - Mikaela

These shoes are sexy from all angles.

Visit SLink!

SLink - Mikaela

What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Anna (Happy Blond)
LeLutka – Lola (Light) Makeup6 (L Brows)
LeLutka – Lola (Lipstick) Nature Matte
Caroline’s – Lion & Lamb (Bella Crest Ring)
Caroline’s – Lion & Lamb (Rosalie Crest Necklace)
Zenith – White Chiffon Dress (group gift)
SLink – Mikaela Shoes (White)

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  1. Dottie Dosei

    Awesome post!
    I Love those shoes and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! lol

  2. Katey Coppola

    Those shoes are gooooooorgeous <3

  3. Marianne Little

    Gogo! You take the words out of my mouth! Yes, yes and yes…. lots of my skins has that subtle shine/highlights and my pet peeve with prim feet was that the foot looked “dry” or “flat” compared to the leg. OMG I can’t wait to try a demo of this! And can you whisper a word in Siddean’s ear…. update your naked feet with this? I was trying on the first feet i Bought from Slink this weekend, I was surprised how well they still looked. I really want that small AO that could lock the ancle or point the toes back too.

    • MeganK Draper

      I was thinking the same thing about the bare feet lol It drives me nuts not having the shine on my feet but I still can’t give them up.

  4. Sugarr Delight

    *falls over in a heap* Siddean’s shoes just keep getting better.

  5. Lash

    Awesome! I can’t tell where the leg ends and the foot begins! It’s win! 😀

  6. sylvan

    Oh, when this sheen is added to the bare feet offered at slink I will be making a purchase. 🙂 I’ll keep wearing my dull, bare feet until then. I might get a pair of these just to wear but I’m not a “high heeled sandals” kind of gal so I’m trying to figure out what colour I might get the most use of. Maybe black… *ponders out loud*

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