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Truth Hair


Truth – Tia | Riley | Poppy (in Swedish)

Truth has just released 3 adorable new hairstyles!! I love all of them, as usual. I love braids, head bands, bangs.. they’re all super duper cute.

I thought I would be over the ~smile~ emote today, but I’m still loving it. So hello Second Life, this is me abusing the emote again. CHEESE!

I have to get something off my chest. Truth names his hair after people who have suggested hairstyles or friends or random pretty names. Well, I saw someone say they would not wear the Lizzie hairstyle because it’s named after Lizzie Lexington (or maybe that’s just a coincidence?). All I have to say to that is, don’t be petty! Cos when stuff is named after people I don’t care for, I still wear it. I won’t deny myself a cute hairstyle. And there’s plenty of items named people I don’t like in SL, should I avoid those items to punish the creator(s)?

Anyways, get over yourself.

The Lizzie hairstyle from Truth has adorable twin braids. Also, while you’re there, check out the Gogo hairstyle!! I spent forever there looking for my hairstyle so I could purchase it in the Swedish texture. I don’t have a bunch of Truth styles in Swedish Blonde cos they were older releases, and Swedish Blonde is a fairly new texture. I wish there was a big fat Swedish Blonde pack you could buy for ALL Truth hairstyles.

Truth Hair

Truth – Lizzie | Gogo (in Swedish)

So yeah, buy cute stuff cos it’s cute. Who cares what it’s called? Cos you know what? I wear stuff named after YOU* all the time and I don’t like you.

Click here for a direct SLurl to Lizzie / Click here for a direct SLurl to Gogo

Click here to visit Truth Hair Island!

If you like the top I am wearing, it’s the couverture Chiffon Halter top and it’s so sexy! The top has a gorgeous flower print and all sculpted.

*You = All of you who have things named after you that I don’t like, not anybody in particular.

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  1. Dawnde Lane

    mmm now to get my name for a hair style!….

    as for people avoiding the lizzie hair, wth is with people, from what i have seen she seems a nice girl and doesn’t deserve the shit she gets, them people need to get over them selfs real fast its a virtual world, with real people..and i bet they dont have hair named after um! jealous

  2. Alicia Chenaux

    I still don’t like wearing things named after people that I dislike simply because it reminds me of them. Why would I want to be reminded of someone I don’t like? It’s easier for me to forget about them if I don’t see their name. πŸ™‚

    • Lizzie Lexington

      That’s mature!

      • Emerald Wynn

        Oh, and writing rambling blog posts about the same person over and over and singling out people by name in blog headlines isn’t mature?

        • Truth

          As long as you delete them and then say its “only sl not rl” then you can’t be held accountable for your bad behaviour πŸ™‚

          • Gogo

            I <3 my Truth hair πŸ™‚

            Some people do overreact though.

            I remember long ago when Truth/Lizzie drama was only between Truth/Lizzie. Good ol days!

            Now it's Truth/Lizzie/Sophia? *head spins* how the fuck did that happen.

            I'm a Truth hair fan, obviously, so that is all I will say about this topic.

            <3 Peace!

  3. Lizzie Lexington

    Thank you Ms Gogo – queen of all blogging! If I like a hair who cares who its named for – I mean are we 12? LOL

  4. Truth

    Last time I checked its when people decide to blog about it on a fashion feed owned by you….I should go buy a team lizzie tshirt i guess lol

    • Gogo

      They’re not for sale but I have extras you can have πŸ™‚

  5. Wilma Delgado

    Hey…I thought I was your friend…you didn’t put a link to the Wilma hair!

    • Gogo

      sure, I am planning a field trip there now to find your hair πŸ™‚

  6. Lizzie Lexington

    YEAH Gogo! Wheres the Wilma love!

  7. Wilma Delgado

    Sigh…I found the LM for her…she’s just lazy and doesn’t like me. I think she just keeps me around so she can play in my inventory.

  8. Mela

    I think Truth has a Melanie hair but it wasn’t named after me. *tear*

  9. Lash

    Whaduhhellio people. It’s just HAIR. Seriously, if anyone asked me what style I was wearing, my mind would draw a blank and I’d just give them the hair BRAND. Let them fish around the store for the exact style.

    I think by not buying something just’cuz it’s named after someone, it’s hurting the designer more than the person it’s supposedly named after. It’s not like the person they named it after is getting a cut in sales. And in essence, any campaign to boycott a product is more damaging to the store, not the person who is being haterized on.

    Sheesh. The whole, don’t do this, don’t like this person, don’t say whatever drama is so crackhead-kindergarten. Gogo pretty much nailed it on the head, when she talked about pettiness. I would like to think the SL-shopping public is much smarter than that, and doesn’t believe a simple name would transfer any of the Lizzie-cooties to themselves. πŸ˜›

  10. Alexa Trefoil

    I like hair that has a name. I don’t care who its named after. I just wanta be able to find it easily. I’m one of those people that has a horribly disorganized inventory. I can remember a hair by the name but I can never find the ones that use numbers or other naming conventions without trying on every hair. So yeah, name it something I can find and remember!

    *smiles at Lizzie-cooties*

  11. Lizzie Lexington

    I has cooties! YAY!

  12. Heidi Halberstadt

    Are you sure about the cooties? I need to see proof from an independent lab. ‘Cause cooties absolutely cannot come from shooz. Has to be hair.

  13. stina edman

    I wonder about the smile hud, is its something new or just the old one? I wonder why so little is done with facial expressions, but maybe i am just ignorant.

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