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Truth is, I’m a Hucci


Truth – Darla | Larissa | Eloise (in Swedish Blonde)

These three new hairstyles from Truth are stunning, and of course I’m wearing my favorite Swedish Blonde. I get lots of Google searches to my site for “swedish blonde” and I hope they’re not disappointed when they get here! Hi guys, I’m not actually from Sweden but my avatar is Blonde and wearing the fabulous Swedish color *waves*!

I instantly knew I would love Larissa, cos the style is so sleek and sexy. I’m pairing it with my Hucci-mama Gold Rain Jumpsuit! Eboni Khan is fast becoming one of my favorite casual wear stores, cos she really designs for girls who are not afraid to embrace their inner Hucci. I prefer booty shorts and low cut tops to pants and a proper shirt, but you guys already know that if you follow my blog! It doesn’t have to be skanky if your avatar doesn’t look dirrrty.

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  1. xanna ziskey

    Just want to throw out a “keep up the good work” to ya. Checking your blog is just about the first thing I do after logging on, and I’m amazed at how frequently you update. Love hearing about the new things. ox!

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