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Zooby Baby Stroll

Zooby Baby

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! I took my baby out for a stroll at the New York sims to try some of the newly released Zooby Baby products. I just love how interactive the baby is, and Zooby is constantly releasing new products for the baby to encourage parents (owners) to play with their baby more often.

Zooby Baby

This is the Zooby Baby Lite Pink Snugseat. The snugseat is scripted to use with the Baby and Newborn (to be released soon). You can also change the look of it by having the Hood on or off, the straps on or off, and also includes an AO Walk for male and female.

Remember the new Maternity shirts I mentioned yesterday? I’m wearing one today. Mine is the Tummy Teeze Pink shirt that says ‘Shopping for Two’ – how adorable! I even dressed the baby similar to me, in the Butterfly Jeans outfit. You can find a nice assortment of clothing for the baby at at Zooby Baby – I love that the baby can have her own closet full of clothes! πŸ™‚

Zooby Baby

I also fell in love with the Zooby Baby Lite Pink Pram Carriage. I had a stroller before but this one has a new Pink color that I love.

Zooby Baby

The baby looks sooo happy in this carriage!

Zooby Baby

The Zooby Baby Lite Pink Pram Carriage is scripted to work with the Baby and Newborn, you can have the Shade Up or Shade down, Straps Off or Straps On, and also have the baby be Awake or in the Sleep option. It’s *completely* interactive and even includes an AO Walk for male and female.

Zooby Baby

Zooby Baby

Pushing Side-view

Zooby Baby

Aw! The baby fell asleep!

Zooby Baby

Zooby Baby

Visit Zooby’s Babies!

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  1. Delila

    I love your shoes! Can you share where you got them?

  2. Lizzie Lexington

    Oddly I find this baby very cute!

  3. Maretch

    @Delila – They are from Maitreya πŸ™‚

    So cute!! <3<3

  4. Lil

    I couldn’t care less for the whole baby theme, but wow, that carriage is a work of art!

  5. Verinne Ansar

    This is so not a bad thing but, Gogo, you have one sweet ass. Just sayin’, my shape has a little in the back too and it’s nice to see curvessss~

    • Gogo

      LOL! I have some ass, but it’s not THAT big right??? Just the angle makes it look like 2x bigger than it actually is πŸ˜›

      • Lashy

        Nope, kiddo, that really is all your ass. Congrats LOL! πŸ˜›

  6. Eva

    Hi this is in the sims 3?

    • gogo

      Second Life

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