Dernier Cri hair

Dernier Cri

I went to Dernier Cri for the new hairstyles, and normally I grab the hair and leave but today I caught a glimpse of some gorgeous palm trees outside so I had to go look. You guys know how much I love palm trees!!! The entire Dernier Cri sim had transformed into some spectacular jungle and she has a hippo and a giraffe!! It’s gorgeous. I normally wouldn’t go exploring on a hair sim, but this sim was worth exploring. Tons of great photo opportunities here!

Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri

There were four new hairstyles but I settled on this cute one called Ann. It comes with 3 bangs versions and all 10 colors funky colors (I bought the Rainbow Shades pack).

Dernier Cri

This is the most covered up I’ve been in awhile! I’m wearing new long pants from LeLutka and a cute sculpted top from couverture. I figured this was a nice “jungle” look and it pairs well with this adorableĀ  blue hair color.

The skin is a beta skin from Pink Fuel, but knowing Mochi Milena, she will change it 10000x more times before it’s released so just enjoy the cuteness šŸ™‚ I don’t have any more info on it.

What I’m Wearing:

Dernier Cri – Ann (Rainbow Shades) 10 shades
Pink Fuel – Elly (unreleased)
couverture – The Stop Tee (White)
LeLutka – Chaldea Pants (Spring)
Pixel Mode – Baby T’s Plain (Black)

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  1. I’m looking forward to the new Pink Fuel skin! Looks beautiful! I’m also loving the pants from LeLutka. It’s great to see a looser style for pants while not being super baggy.

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