Bikini Babe

Djinn & Tonic

Djinn & Tonic – Hawaii Five Ooh

This sexy lil’ bikini is a new release from Djinn & Tonic. I like everything about this bikini, it’s colorful and has a great style. The bikini also includes prim ties on the back, which is a nice little detail to add more realism.

Djinn & Tonic

Djinn & Tonic – Seeing Stars

The beach is my favorite terrain in SL, what’s yours?

hello derr

What I’m Wearing:

Djinn & Tonic – SwimWear (Seeing Stars)
Djinn & Tonic – SwimWear (Hawaii Five Ooh)
Truth – Marnie (Latte)
Pink Fuel – Elly (unreleased)

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  2. I like the face, but I just noticed the bellybutton and it’s kinda blurry. Is she looking into that? I dunno why, but it doesn’t look finished, it’s stretched out here even more from the pose maybe, but I guess it might look nicer in person. I do wish the outie-ness was toned down a little though. It doesn’t look real enough to me yet. But overall, love the face and sheen on the skin.

  3. and real enough is pertaining to the bellybutton. 😛 everything else is nice. 🙂

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