Exile Chloe Skin

Exile - Chloe (Blush) Skin

Chloe is here! Exile has just released this gorgeous skin in 10 sexy makeups and two different brows colors. I’m wearing the Light brows option in Blush tone. I loooooove it. Yes I’m frolicking around naked on La Reve sim (private) I hope my friend Lashy doesn’t mind!!

Exile - Chloe (Blush) Skin

Exile - Chloe (Blush) Skin

Exile - Chloe (Blush) Skin

Exile - Chloe (Blush) Skin

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What I’m Wearing:

Uhh… nothing! So no credits 😛

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  1. A man told me inworld today that the skin I was wearing (Exile-Chloe) looks noobish.Men are usually parallel with fashion and he was no exception apparently.

  2. Well, I don’t think it looks noobish 😀 Though indeed, some things makes me think of my first free skins in mid 2008. It’s either the “flatness” I feel from it, the “shine” or the color.
    It looks much better close up tho.

    • I agree. The body seems flat but I can’t be sure if it’s not the lighting.
      Hope it comes in other tones!

  3. I want to know where you got the shoes. Yeah, you’re naked in my hooommmmeeeee no less but I saw those shoes and I WANTS. 😛

  4. Meanie! I was on the phone while looking at your blog and laughed LOUDLY! at your ‘no credits’ comment!

    lovely skin!

    PLEASE, though, say what shape your wearing with the skins you promote!!!!!
    I know its made by you, but if I wanted to get *that* look, I gotta know which shape!

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