Unique Megastore, Hello Polly!

Unique Megastore - Polly Skin

Unique Megastore has just released this new Polly face and it’s just so pretty. Look, I’m even wearing skin with drawn-on teeth! That’s a first on my blog, I think. I usually find them quite rabbit-like and unrealistic but I definitely think this one is alright.

Unique Megastore - Polly Skin

And here’s another close-up picture of the regular skin (without teeth).

If you’re wondering why there’s crap all over my images, it’s cos I’m playing around with the Picnik editor. I have no idea why but I did one photo and got a lil carried away.

Unique Megastore - Polly Skin

Unique Megastore - Polly Skin

Unique Megastore - Polly Skin

Polly is available in 12 makeups, includes hair base, and also has a ‘sexy breasts’ option if you want extra cleavage. Two of the makeups have ‘open lips’ if you like that look 🙂

I am wearing Polly with the Light Eyebrows on a tattoo layer (included) because the original is dark brows. This is a pretty clever way of offering more brows options for customers. <3 Tattoo Layer!

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  1. You look really pretty in this, and I just tried the skin. It’s lovely, and I would purchase it, if they offered the lighter brows to non-users of viewer 2.

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