Laqroki Aline Skin, Brunette Beauty

Laqroki - Aline (Fair)

It was SLove at first sight when I saw a teaser picture of this Laqroki Aline skin. Even though I really tried to wear this skin with Blonde hair, it just wouldn’t have done the skin justice. Like many Laqroki fans, I’m sure we’re all waiting for Mallory to release brows on a tattoo layer! *hint hint* 😛

Laqroki - Aline (Fair)

Laqroki - Aline (Fair)

There are 10 makeups per skin tone, and brown hair base is included. I *love* lighter makeups in this set, they’re just so natural and beautiful.

Laqroki - Aline (Fair)

Here’s a close-up of one of my favorite makeups! So colorful and tropical! <3 Laqroki - Aline (Fair)

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  1. Pretty Lady ^^ This looks a lot different on you than the shot that was sent out with the notice. I love it.

  2. It’s very pretty, but why are so many designers making skins with lips that look like you just got lip injections?

  3. lovely like all Laq’s skins…OMG please re-release Claudia for blondes:)

  4. Breathtaking! U look awesome as usual!!! I love this flower dress, could u pls tell me where I can find it? Thank u so much in advance :-))

  5. I just bought this skin pack yesterday in the nougat skin tone, and omg WOW! I absolutely love it, and agree with you on the makeup’s, the are very nice, yet natural too. I’m a self professed shopaholic in sl, hey all of us need retail therapy right? I went ahead and subscribed to your feed also. 🙂 Oh and btw for the prim nails I suggest the PM nails made by Tya Fallingbridge, as she has tons of the glove layers, which are matched to the popular skins in SL, LAQ being one of them. Can’t go wrong with goofproof nails. lol



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