I’m Blue da ba de, da ba di


On my quest to be different than my usual blah self, I am 1. Wearing Blue Exile hair 2. Carrying a hand bag and 3. I’m wearing pants! Who is this and what have you done with Gogo! 😛


I am not usually a hand bags kinda girl, but LeLutka has been releasing tons of cuteness and they’re pretty irresistible. This Ruiz bag (in Eggshell Blue) has a color-changeable scarf. I can’t remember if it came in Pink or not, probably not, since I’m pretty sure I would have purchased the Pink color instead of Blue.


LeLutka – Pow Pumps (Black)

These LeLutka Pow Pumps are so hot! I’ve worn them several times already but I haven’t taken a close-up photo. Pow indeed!


I’m snapping photos inside the Outlook art gallery/store. Virtual art can be so pricey, most of the pieces inside this gallery are $800L+!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Leslie (Blizzard)
LeLutka – Lola (Sunkissed) Base (L Brows)
LeLutka – Lola (Lipstick) Fuschia
AtomicBambi – Hair Corsage Flutter-by (Cerise)
LeLutka – Ruiz bag (Eggshell Blue)
Atomic – Sheer Comfort (Pure White)
Atomic – Bleached Jeans (Vintage)
LeLutka – Pow Pumps (Black)

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