Bikini Babes!!

Wilma + Me; poolside

These darling new Boho Beach Bikinis from LeeZu are just perfect for lounging poolside. The bikini includes a sculpted flower attachment piece that I think are too cute! My friend Wilma has nearly everything in her inventory so I made her pose with me for a bit. 🙂

Wilma + Me; poolside

I’m so used to taking pics by myself that it takes me forever to find a proper group pose. I dug through my Glitterati folder and found this adorable Contest-Friends pose (the phone is included). It was just the perfect pose for 2 girls! I wish people made more poses for girl friends 😛 *hint hint*

Glitterati is having a $100L sale from now until July 15th! This includes everything in the store except for new releases and collaboration items. Go check it out! 🙂

Wilma + Me; poolside

Til next time! And here’s a gratuitous butt shot just cos…

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  1. I love this pose! I went to this shop for the first time and bought quite a few poses, but I couldn’t seem to find this particular pose 🙁 It’s super cute!

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