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Bienvenido a Miami


I flew around SL in search of an interesting beach for my snapshots and I’m reminded of why I hate in-world shots. Whenever I’m on a sim by myself and another avatar teleports in, they will find me and strike up a conversation or stand somewhere in my frame, or maybe even push me a little. C’mon sl newbs residents, if you see someone posing kind of awkwardly and standing in a far corner by themselves, just leave them alone.

This Miami Dress from Hucci is oh so sexy. I am wearing the group gift version cos I love the color combination, but I have my eye on the Wild Pink color too. If you want this for free, visit Hucci’s main store.


I paid AMG Boudoir a visit today and noticed they had some new hair releases out. I’m wearing the Simpson style in Blonde, I love the long flowy style. If you haven’t been to AMG Boudoir, you should! They’re the hair shop with a Gogolita hairstyle that I pretend is named after me. 😛

What I’m Wearing:

AMG Boudoir – Simpson (Blonde)
LeLutka – LoLa (Light) Base (L Brows)
LeLutka – LoLa (Lipstick) German Red
Hucci – Miami Dress (Group Gift)

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  1. princessgirl Babii

    ^.~ Wow, very nice look


    princessgirl Babii

  2. Jillybean Jinx

    OMG, I dont know how you stand it! People ACTUALLY come and TALK to you?? They have the temerity to like totally stand in YOUR SPACE? I would seek legal counsel at the verrry least, imagine them not recognizing your extreme specialness,especially noobs who clearly should know better than to even breathe the same pixelated air you do. My god what next?? People thinking that Second Life might be a friendly inclusive community? We just can’t have that!!

    • Gogo

      Hi Jillybean Jinx, I don’t quite understand your sarcastic response here. In real life, when you see a person taking a photo, do you rush up to them and stand in their picture or do you stand back and give them space? When I see people taking pictures, I tend to move out of the way. I guess it’s just politeness.

      In Second Life, I guess it is hard to realize when someone is taking a picture (because you cannot see their screen) so I do encounter the above incident quite a bit. I don’t presume to be special or that people would want to talk to me, but new residents do in fact, fly to the nearest green dot they can find. I don’t know why they do, they just do.

      On that note, I hope some day when you want to take a photo, and you have the shot set up perfectly, someone will come and stand right next to you and play some particles, or push you into the water, so you will have to redo your shot all over again. 😛

      • VioOmiz

        Lol that made me laugh, epicly. Yesterday i was doing a shot and my sister was standing out of the comes a noob who shoves her in the water’s edge i was standing near. Then proceeds to do the same to me. Lighting was awesome, my position was great….noob fail. *shakes her head sadly*. Maybe we should put a big box around ourself and alpha the inside so they can’t run into us lol. Awesome photos, Gogo 🙂

      • Melanie

        Activate Movelock!

      • Annabelle Nicholas

        I so agree with you Gogo ! This is also the main reason i’d rather take pictures in my little studio. Actually this isnt only noob behavior, every guy will hit on you (single or not single, doesnt matter in sl) if you are standing alone on a beachy sim. Anyways, as what is said by Melanie, activate the Movelock or use some other lock thingie you can get in-world so people cant bump you around anymore.

        Annabelle <3

  3. princessgirl Babii

    I’m a kid in the game Second Life, I have a shop for children, and do everything to see my shop at the top of the shops, and I do not much effort, and no hurry, in here I found many high-quality shops, and My conclusion is that people are dedicated and creative that make a difference in this game…

    • Annie’s not a game XD

      • princessgirl Babii

        for me, this is a game called Second Life, where i work for my shop.
        where i play with my friends
        and I have no wrinkles because it is all perfect

  4. Tessa

    Gogo, I love your poses. Where to find?

  5. Sad Panda

    The AMG Boudoir hair is great. However, the the vendors at the store advertise many of the styles (Simpson included) as mod when they aren’t. This bait-and-switch style of business is unfortunate for anyone that needs to edit their hair.

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