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Carousel, Mood Clouds!

Donna Flora

Donna Flora has just released these adorable Carousel dress (includes hair, not worn here) and I love it so much! When I saw it I knew I had to try it on cos I love carousels, I have a few of them in SL too.

See the Mood Clouds I’m wearing above my head? I predict that these will be all the rage soon. When you’re having a conversation with someone and you want to display your feelings, just attach one! The Mood Clouds are from Pink Fuel, and will be released for Project Themeory. They’re available in 5 emotions – Angry, Crazy, Grumpy, Happy and Sad. Each emotion has a different texture and some even emits cute particles.


Boon – XFE275 hair (Chocolate)

Here are two hairstyles that I thought would pair beautifully with the Carousel dress. I love the booN hair, it’s very doll-like and beautiful. If you’re going for that Marie Antoinette look, check out the Sophia hairstyle from Nushru!


Nushru – Sophia hair (White Powder)

Exile lashes

Exile has just released will be releasing 16 pairs of eyelashes. I’m showing 6 of my favorites – they range from natural to very theatrical. If you’re looking for a simple way to dazzle, visit Exile for new lashes 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (unreleased)
Nushru – Sophia hair (White Powder)
Boon – XFE275 hair (Chocolate)
Donna Flora – Carousel Dress
Skream – Taste The Summer (silver v.2) necklace
Juicy – Victorian Ankle Boots (Bubblegum)

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  1. joy

    can you tell me from who are thoses blue eyes please? they are sooo nice !!!
    thank you !!!

  2. Sienia

    This is one of those posts where I cannot decide which item I love most…the dress…the mood clouds…the hair!!! I’m in <3

  3. nat

    The lashes are nice and the eyes are pretty! but I`m so taken with what`s around them. I can`t wait for Elly >.< the teasing is too much to bear.

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