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Come Away With Me


Exile – Deanna (Champagne)

It’s  Friday!! Exile has two new hairstyles out and I love them both, they’re so sexy!! I wanted to show you both styles in this post, but Tempura Island crashed me. Yep. It’s still a lag-monster, even on my new PC. When I crashed, I lost my Windlight setting, so I really didn’t feel like redoing the whole shot.. anyways! Maybe in the next post I’ll wear Candace.


I am wearing Donna Flora’s Monia jewelry set and the Danaini tank & skirt set from Elymode. I normally don’t wear long skirts but this set is just bursting with warm & happy colors.

I wanted to show you close-ups of everything but grrrr @ Tempura Island, so beautiful yet so laggy.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Deanna (Champagne)
LeLutka – Lola (Sunkissed) Makeup5 (L Brows)
LeLutka – Lola (Lipstick) Nature Matte
elymode – Danaini Pink
Donna Flora – MONIA jewelry set

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