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Hi, new PC!


I have a new peeeceeeeeeeeee!!! It runs SL a lot better than my old system and can handle rendering sims beautifully. Being able to run SL with graphics settings on ultra and draw at 512 is so new and strange to me, but I’m loving every minute of it. And I can even do shadows!!!!!

I’m still catching up on a lot of blogging since this weekend was spent setting up the new pc and reformatting my old one (to give away). I had a couple of computer woes but I’ll live.

Shopping is such a pleasure now that I can rez everything super fast. <3!

What I’m wearing… Boom outfit, Shag hair, both available at this weekend’s Project Themeory.

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  1. Jessi

    What kind of computer does SL in Ultra with that draw distance?

  2. Annah Whitfield

    I can really understand what you’re feeling, ‘cuz I’ll be starting to use a new computer myself 😀 One that can deal with shadows and windlight and everything that SL gives us the opportunity to see :)) It will be a slow process for me to learn everything tho!

    Have fun with it, and keep blogging cute things <3

  3. Becca

    OMG, I need that pc! O.O

  4. Miah McAuley

    Wwwwoooow!!!!!!!!Never seen so beautiful SL!!!!!I use a notebook… cant imagine what i see around me in my sl)LOL.Your sl is amazing!!!Ah!

  5. Jennifer

    New computer bliss~ Congrats

  6. Xali

    Please share the specs Gogo. I’d really like to have a system like that when I upgrade.

  7. Lita Applemoor

    Gogo, put your graphics on low & then customize them by turning everything up. My PC can run on ultra too, but I found the detail in SL was better when I customized it myself. It’s also good for pics, too. 😀

  8. Nedeko

    Hi ya, I totally feel with you! I just got a new computer some weeks ago. And it was amazing to know: you can use ultra settings! That rocks so much!

    But yeah, nevertheless the most time its just a customized graphic setting on more lower futures ^^ .. but with more as one processor in it, i know: no more lag (just only if its the server) or crashing if many ppl are around. seeing all much faster rendered. lol perfect for speed-shopping XDDD www ^^ or joining events.

    And finally be able for big sized screenshots! Def. more pixel quality!

    Its really amazing how much more fun is available with a good hardware in a computer. On the other side its still a bit pity – cause I know there are a lot of ppl out there which don’t have a good one. So if you can upgrade or buy a new one – do it. its worth!

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