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JM:MAI Gemma Skin

JM:MAI - Gemma (Tan)

Hello everybody! This is the very first teeth-skin in SL that I don’t find repulsive. I find these very natural looking and the skin is simply beautiful. JM:MAI makes very cute faces, and I think with this Gemma skin, the quality has improved a lot. The skin texture is so smooth, and the eyes are gorgeous.

JM:MAI - Gemma (Tan)

JM:MAI - Gemma (Tan)

Gemma is available in so many makeups, so I have selected just 10 of my favorites to show you. These skins features an open mouth with teeth showing, and no closed-mouth option. I wish it came with both, but for now, this is the only option available.

JM:MAI - Gemma (Tan)

Left: no dimples | Right: with dimples

If you like dimples, Gemma has ’em! I like the no dimples version, cos these dimples are too subtle I didn’t really notice them at first. I wonder why the dimples are sold as a separate skin pack, instead of putting it on a tattoo layer?

JM:MAI - Gemma (Tan)

The skin has a lovely ample cleavage already, but I wanted to wear the add-on Cleavage Enhancer cos it’s so sexy! I like this a lot, it’s so realistic.

Here’s a few more close-ups of the face:

JM:MAI - Gemma (Tan)

And I’m saving my favorite for last:

JM:MAI - Gemma (Tan)

Owwie, but still cute.

I’m wearing JM:MAI’s Barbie Lashes, they’re adorable and so easy to fit. <3

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  1. Tessa

    Just like the ample cleavage. All skins should have.

  2. Ann Launay

    Ditzy blonde. :-p

  3. Lizzie Lexington

    Me thinks Gogo needs to cut back a bit on the meth. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  4. Lashy

    I’ll pass, I liked the other one blogged earlier. Forget which. But this one reminds me too much of those dolls with those mouth that you jam bottles in and they stick like that. Everyone has different likes, I’m sure this will work for a crowd or two.

  5. Arwen

    the expression on the face reminds me too much of a blow up doll

  6. Shana Scholten

    I love the eyes and this is the first “teeth skin” that I actually like. BTW, I absolutely love the shape of your nose (what a bizarre compliment that would be irl lol). Did you make the shape yourself or did you buy it?

  7. Browser

    Have to agree with Lashy. It looks like a bizarre blow-up doll. You should try the tattoo layer teeth from Porcupine Love, pefect for being able to wear over your favorite skin.

  8. Sydd Sinister

    no. the skin is cute but you look like a hungry bunny.

  9. Delila

    You featured Unique Megastores last week – I liked those teeth, simply because they werent so small like these and the ones on Vive9 skins. I kind of agree with Arwen too, but I love the shading and blush on these.

    • Gogo

      Hi Delila! Thank you for reminding me! Those had cute teeth, but they were not strictly “teeth-skin” since they featured a closed-mouth option too. I had completely forgotten! Wups!

  10. Antimony Battery

    Toofy skins usually make me giggle-snort in that derisive way, but these are pretty spectacularly done. I can see them going severely sideways on the wrong shape, though. And I get the blow-up doll reference, but that 1st close-up, with the un-glossed, slightly bitten lip looks awfully gosh-damn cute. As is the beat-down skin. That’d make an ace scrappy-chick skin for RP.

  11. Sabina Takakura

    I’m torn. I think the skins themselves look like they are well done.
    If you look at just the mouth, it’s cute, but if you step back and look at the entire face put together, it kind of looks like one of those creepy kids from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a blow up doll.
    I think it has something to do with the eyes too, I’m not sure.

    I’ll definitely check out the maker of the skins, like I said, they look well done –
    But I’m going to pass on the teeth still. It really, really looks bad.

  12. RandomLooker

    I dunno, the teeth look yellow, like they’ve been accompanied by a crack-pipe to me. Also, i don’t understand the fascination with the teeth skins lately. I think they all look just weird. Its a shame the designer didn’t offer a non teeth version. The rest of the skin looks pretty well made.

  13. Carolyn

    For anyone curious, the skin is based on a real person, so blame her for the blow-up doll/bunny thing lol. Her name is Gemma Ward and she is a very famous fashion model. Mother Goose’s also has skins with her face. She’s one of my favorite models.

    I think they look cute on you, they definitely give you a different look than any other skin i’ve seen you in.

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