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Pink Fuel Ember Skin, I heart joo!

Pink Fuel - Ember (Honey)

Pink Fuel skin just oozes cuteness to me. You’ve probably seen this skin blogged at least half a dozen times already, but I just had to try on Ember for myself. I love the nice healthy glow on the skin, and the lips, and the brow options! This skin captures the most important thing I look for when I decide that a skin is “me” — a youthful appearance. I tend to favor fresh and nude faces instead of the “glam model look” because my avatar is youthful.

Pink Fuel - Ember (Honey)

Pink Fuel Ember skin has 12 makeups, 3 brows options (red, light and dark), freckles, and a hair base for dark brows only.

Pink Fuel - Ember (Honey)

Pink Fuel - Ember (Honey)

Pink Fuel - Ember (Honey)

Pink Fuel – Ember (Honey) Light Brows

Pink Fuel - Ember (Honey)

And if you like a little more cleavage, like I’m wearing here, it is available on a separate layer. I love my Cleavage Enhancer! 🙂

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Pink Fuel - Ember (Honey)

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Venera hair
Pink Fuel – Ember (Honey)
Gisele – crown for Estienne/gr
CherryGirl – Hapiko’s RibbonTape WH Tunic
Nardcotix – MANA Chelo (Ivory)

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  1. Sedge Weyland

    It’s a pretty cute skin, but I’m way more focused on that dress!

  2. Aranel

    That skin looks great. I love her makeup choices.

  3. Delila

    I liked the Elly skin of hers better, tbh, though I have yet to see it released. All her stuff is adorable, though.

  4. Vixxie

    i bought these skins and the face is faaaaabulous, but the body looks really flat and solid colored. 🙁 it doesn’t look that way on you though, maybe it’s just the chai tone that looks that way? even with nice windlight settings, it’s still so flat on the arms and chest area..

  5. Fia

    Can you give us a link to where to get the tunic? It’s adorable, and I can’t find the shop. Thanks 🙂

  6. Chantelle

    I agree, as always with PF, the face is fabulous, but the body is a true let down. I expected more as we waited so long for this skin to come out.

    Overall, I’d definitely buy it though.

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